Family Seeking Lost Bulldog 'Tank'

A West Bend family lost their dog in Fox Point and is hoping he can be located.

Updated 2:50 p.m. Wednesday: Tank was found safe on Sunday, on the south end of Doctor's Park, according to Carol Rowe, the dog's owner.

Original story: A 9-month-old English bulldog named Tank is lost in Fox Point, a long way from home.

Tank broke free of his leash on Sunday just after 4 p.m. due to a malfunctioning clasp. He was spotted Wednesday morning near the 8000 block of North Beach Drive.

The Rowe family lives in West Bend, and was visiting family in Fox Point when Tank was lost.

“He’s not familiar with the area so he would not really be able to find his way back to my daughter and son-in-law’s house,” Carol Rowe said.

Tank is shy and wary of other dogs, but somehow managed to befriend a cat in West Bend. He loves to play tug-of-war and is a good family dog, Rowe said.

“He was just starting to recognize when the garage door would go up, that my husband was coming home from work,” Rowe said.

Tank was purchased from a breeder in Illinois under very poor conditions.

“I feel like we rescued him, we didn’t get him until he was seven months old,” Rowe said. “He had whip worm and was in really bad condition.”

Weighing in at 45 pounds, Tank has some other medical issues. He has a large umbilical hernia on his belly from birth and suffers from luxating patellas, or floating kneecaps, on his hind legs for which he is currently on medication.

The Rowe family is posting lost dog flyers around the village to notify residents of Tank’s disappearance. They hope that someone has taken him in out of the cold until they can be reunited.

Currently, the Fox Point Police Department has not received any information about Tank. One officer did report seeing a bulldog running around the area.

If you have any information regarding Tank’s whereabouts please contact the Fox Point Police Department at 414-351-9900.

-Story by Emily Striegl

Carol Rowe December 26, 2012 at 04:06 AM
If you have been wondering about the misadventures of Tank, our English Bulldog, he was returned to us Friday evening after being found by two young people walking through the very south end of Doctors Park. My husband and I thank all who helped us as we searched for our pup. Happy Boxing Day and Happy New Year to all.


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