Fox Point and Bayside Week in Review: April 3-9

A weekly recap highlighting the week's top news in Fox Point and Bayside.

Fox Point-Bayside Patch is featuring a weekly recap of the top stories from April 3-9.

With two board trustees seeking re-election and two newcomers, voters had a few choices on election day Tuesday.

Christine Symchych, one of the two newcomers to the board, received 1,226 votes, or 33 percent. Second was Bill Warner, a current board trustee, who earned 963 votes, or 26 percent.

Warner said he's glad to be re-elected because he was looking forward to being on the board for another term.

"I am glad I made it with the competition that we had," Warner said. "We had four good candidates and I was glad to be one of the ones that won."

After a hard-fought battle, Nicolet School District referendum supporters reacted with screams of joy, high fives and hugs after the measure was handily approved by voters on Tuesday.

Nicolet posed a question on the ballot Tuesday requesting to exceed the revenue limit by $2.15 million for the next five years. This means for a $250,000 home,  property taxes would increase by roughly $68. This was approved by 54 percent of voters. Read on to see how School Board members and District Administrator Rick Monroe reacted when the referendum was approved.

Bayside trustees voted Thursday to let Village Manager Andy Pederson negotiate an agreement to create a consolidated police and fire dispatch center that would include the same seven municipalities that are part of the North Shore Fire Department.

But the joint dispatch isn't the only item the board voted on. They also approved conditional-use permits for four businesses in Bayside, a special proclamation for Arbor Day and increasing fees at the North Shore Health Department.

After a very close race for Supreme Court, and discovering that more than 14,000 votes were not counted, the Joanne Kloppenburg campaign is making sure there were no other oversights.

Those votes took away a narrow victory margin from Kloppenburg and gave the lead to incumbent Justice David Prosser.

“We’re looking at the polling place data to compare it to the tapes and see if the numbers match up,” said Melissa Mulliken, campaign manager for Kloppenburg. “We’re looking to see if we will find any irregularities.”

A Waukesha County clerk missed adding 14,434 votes for the Supreme Court race, resulting in Prosser gaining an additional 11,008 votes than were initially recorded, while Kloppenburg picked up 3,426 more votes. The net result is an additional 7,582 votes for Prosser.

Those votes represent all votes from the City of Brookfield.

"Wisconsin voters, as well as the Kloppenburg for Justice Campaign, deserve a full explanation of how and why these 14,000 votes from an entire City were missed," Kloppenburg said in a statement Thursday.


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