Letter to the Editor: Deep Pockets and Too Many Consultants

Fox Point resident criticizes board for hiring additional consultants and the Village President for perpetuating his personal agenda.

The village of Fox Point recently contracted with an engineering consutant to "Count the existing street signs and recommend new signs that conform with recent Federal guidelines".

With all the summer hire people working for the village along with a qualified internal engineering staff could not the village turn inside to "count signs" and look in a catalog for new ones?

We already hired our third consultant at a cost of $17,500 to give the village advise on the Bridge Lane Ravine Footbridge!

Is the village going out of its way to spend money?

Is the village staff actually "under used"?

The village of Fox Point seems to have deep pockets when it comes to building over-sized police buildings, buying vehicles and equipment, and casually hiring consultants.

As a tax payer – a long time village tax payer I find it interesting that the village board sits silent while the village president proceeds with his personal agenda.

They even seem to anguish over a decision on whether or not to allow the I was hoping they would allow such a hobby, thereby setting a precedent so that I could raise cattle or pigs or turkeys in my back yard!

All village residents should attend the next village board meeting on July 10 when an alternative to the $2 million dollar footbridge will be presented at a cost of only $200,000, including demolition of the old bridge!

Also, the question will be raised... If the fund raising group, the "Friends of the Ravine Bridge" have not yet received their tax exempt or corporate status, how come their meetings have gone from public (by law) to perhaps private meetings?

Bob Cory
Fox Point


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