Locals Looking To Make a Change in 2012

From smooth transitions to health improvements, Fox Point and Bayside is looking toward change for the New Year.

Watching the ball drop at midnight New Year’s Day is one way to ring in the new year. Many people also ring in the new year with a new hope or focus.

With 2011 drawing to a close, there are the common resolutions that you might typically see in the North Shore. A lot of people try quitting a bad habit, losing weight or saving money to name a few but for the majority of people, it’s tough to keep off those bad habits.

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are, according to USA.gov:

  • Drinking less alcohol
  • Eating more healthy
  • Managing debt
  • Helping others

So what kinds of New Year’s resolutions are there in the North Shore? 

Tommy Talesnik, who owns Tommy’s Shoe Repair on Port Washington Road and has been a part of the community since his business opened in 1986, after he immigrated here from Russia.

“Just be healthy. If you are healthy, you are a rich person,” he said.

village manager Andy Pederson said he hasn’t thought of anything for a personal resolution as we head toward the New Year. “I haven’t even had time to go Christmas shopping.” Pederson joked just before the holiday.

However, Pederson has a couple of things he would like to accomplish for the village.

“I believe next year will be one of incredible excitement and innovation for Bayside,” Pederson said.

One of his goals for 2012 include a seamless transition to the . With the new center, Bayside will not only serve Fox Point and River Hills for dispatch services, but they will also serve Brown Deer, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay and Glendale as well as the .

“It’s going to be a transformational year for the organization and the community,” Pederson said. “Brown Deer will move over right after the first of the year and the rest will follow during the middle of the year.”

Walls are expected to go up on the expansion of Bayside village hall very soon. The construction contract is expected to be completed in full June 1.

However, it’s not just business owners and village managers that are hoping to do well for themselves in 2012, there are some younger people in the area that are looking forward to a great year in 2012 as well.

Sal Cannizzo, 22, lives in Mequon but works at in Audobon Court. Cannizzo said his resolution will be to get healthier by quitting smoking because he has a child and he doesn’t want to put any young person’s, or his own, health in jeopardy.

Michael Rosenberg, 21, works at . He attends the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee as a marketing major and is expected to graduate in the upcoming year.

He’s hoping all his hard work pays off. He resolution for 2012 is to get a job after receiving his degree.


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