Whiz Kids: Maple Dale Eighth-Grade Jazz Students

These kids are so driven by their music, they give up their mornings, lunch times, recess and evenings to practice. Do you know an exceptional child or teenager? Nominate them in the comment box below!

Here at Fox Point-Bayside Patch, we like to celebrate the accomplishments of our local children and teens. We seek suggestions from readers for individual kids, youth groups, teens, and even sports teams that wow us with their accomplishments.

This week, we're showing off the eighth-grade Jazz students at , nominated by their teacher, Jamie Breiwick (JB). The students got a special recording session and Breiwick said these kids are so determined, they give up nearly all their free time to practice. 

Patch: Why did these kids get a special recording session?

JB: We went into the studio to record a demo for the purpose of getting the students potential gigs... but also for the experience of working in the environment of a professional recording studio.

Patch: Why is music important for middle school kids?

JB: I believe it allows them an outlet of personal expression they cannot experience in any other area of their lives. There are many distractions these days for an adolescent, and performing music is a very positive, productive, spiritually healing

Patch: Why are you so proud of them?

JB: I am most proud of these students' dedication to the music. They give up their mornings, lunch time, recess time, evenings... you name it. They have shown incredible maturity beyond their years in many performance settings during the school year. We performed at the Pfister Hotel, the top of the Rockwell (Allen-Bradley) Clock, Junior Achievement Headquarters, the Milwaukee Jazz Gallery, Milwaukee Youth Arts Center, among other venues just this year.

Patch: What is your hope for these kids after getting them in a recording studio?

JB: My hope for these students is that they will continue to nurture their passion for music, and share their talents with the world!


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