Mini Golf Moving to Make Space for Macy's

The glow golf place is moving the location next door.

, however, Glow Golf will only be moving to a location next door to its current establishment.

Glow Golf and World Market were located where the new Macy's is being constructed. Construction on the outside has already started for Macy's.

Glow Golf is moving from the upper level to the lower level at the mall under Sphinx.

The mini golf business is closed as they are moving to the new store front and will reopen on June 25

Bryan K. June 22, 2011 at 06:21 PM
Really? I was hoping for a nice store to go there once Macy's opened, like a Hollister Co. or something like that. That space is "prime real estate" next to Macy's, and what do we get? Mini Golf? I really hope something better goes in before that store opens next year.
Bren June 22, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Personally, I would have preferred that World Market stayed onsite (no offense to Mini Golf!). I don't know what the plan is for World Market, but I hope it stays in the area because that's the one store at Southridge that I did patronize. Some of Mayfair's problems stem from the movie theater, which is open later than the mall and has a clientele that is sometimes independent of the shopping environment. Mini Golf might share some of that same potential, but the larger issue at Southridge I believe is the number of people who visit the mall and use its resources but don't shop. Certainly not everyone who visits a mall is going to buy something every time they visit, but it does seem each time I've been there in the last 2 years that a lot of folks are just there to stroll, hang out, and people watch. It's been tough when I'm in a hurry and have to dodge around groups of people who are just standing around in the walkways and in front of stores.


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