Port Hole Now Open in Former 'Spot'

Slinger woman launches the business as well as another bar in Sheboygan, citing a long relationship with the bar and restaurant industry.

It was almost in her blood to launch the recently opened Port Hole, as Amie Lee said she practically grew up in the bar and restaurant industry.

Her grandparents purchased a bar/restaurant when she was 4 years old, and her parents owned a restuarant in Michigan's Upper Peninsula — where Lee grew up.

She moved to the area after being married — though she's since divorced. Living in Slinger now, Lee said she had always been drawn to Port Washington — which was why she chose this city to open her first bar.

"I always wanted to live in Port Washington — I love it," she said, citing the lakefront and summer tourism. The name "Port Hole" is meant to stick with a nautical theme for the establishment; the bar is located at 201 W. Grand Ave., formerly The Spot.

Port Hole is operating seven days a week, and Lee said she is also in the process of opening "The Pump House," at the former Poseidon's bar location in Sheboygan.

While launching two businesses at the same time has been a lot of work, Lee said she was up to the challenge.

"I kind of figured, just jump in," she said. "If I'm going to do it, just go big."

Lee also did an extensive remodeling and updating of the building, which including removing paneling throughout the bar to restore views of the historic brick walls.

The Port Hole is open Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m. until bar close. On Fridays, the bar opens at 7 a.m. for "Third Shift Fridays," staying open until bar close. Saturdays, the bar opens at 10 and Sundays at 11.

Among specials at the bar are:

  • Monster Mondays: Any drink with Monster in it is on special.
  • Industry Night: On Tuesdays, $5 pitchers of beer of $2.50 rail drinks for people in the bar/restaurant industry.
  • Dice Night: On Wednesdays, shake the dice and get 1/2 off with evens, or a free drink with a pair; an odd shake means you pay full price.
  • Barcadi Night: On Thursdays, enjoy $3.50 Barcardi drinks.
  • Ladies Night is Saturdays.
  • Game Day Specials are available on Sundays.
  • 25-cent pool on Monday through Friday from 4 to 8 p.m.

Lee said she will also be serving Old Fashions just the way she remembers her grandfather doing it: with muddled fruit and foaming sugar; a rail old fashion will only cost $3.50.

Kathy December 21, 2012 at 12:07 AM
.....because somebody knows somebody, I'd bet my stash of chocolate on it. That or deep pockets for revolving loan payments to term. ??? Who knows, most are liars in leadership rolls downtown. They will smile to your face and stab you in the back as soon as you turn around. What cracks me up about Port is city "planners" want to be too much like Cedarburg/Grafton/Sheboygan Falls. What does Port have that makes it unique? Hmmmm Could it be that body of water. Gee, Wally I dunno. Good Luck to the new owners. Please use the technology out there to market the Port Hole. You will need the summer tourist foot traffic ( and bank that $) to survive the winter. # 1 Mistake new owners up Grand Ave make over the years. Summer might be busy but can't rely on locals thru winters for same #'s.
bernie December 30, 2012 at 05:54 PM
Wow what a city of comments they say good luck but do they mean it I say thank you for taking a chance on trying and rebuilding the economy in small towns USA
CTCMom2009 December 30, 2012 at 07:51 PM
Yes, I do mean it... my comment was about the seemingly arbitrary nature of issuing licenses in Port, if you actually read it.
Chad Kizewski February 16, 2013 at 04:57 AM
Sorry but I was very unsatisfied with the bartender. The reason why being when my father and I walked in I was i.d. which was normal. But after I sat on the game my father ordered me and coke and he ordered a miller high life, so he gave the bartender a 20 and got 10 dolloars in change back. He questioned her of why he only got 10 dolloars in change back and she said he gave her a 10. So when I was playing on the video poker I was told to get off because she said you have to be 21 I got off. See in the state of wisconsin you have to be 21 to gamble. Video pokers are only meant for amusement only technically you have to be 18 to play them. So im unsure that your game guy P&P doesn't have all the necessary knowledge when it comes to video pokers but I am undecided whether I will stop in again, and give your bar a good review.
Dewit Thomas May 06, 2013 at 06:35 PM
Who are the new owners? Is that them up top....theyre married I assume? Thats great a family run business


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