Wal-Mart Becomes Part of Greendale With Final Approval

After eight months of Wal-Mart talk the Village Board has approved the construction of Wal-Mart.

The Greendale Village Board made the final approval of the construction of a Wal-Mart at the U.S. Bowling Congress Site that will include a 40% grocery market, pharmacy and two out lots for development by future tenants.

Wal-Mart representatives have stressed that this particular store will be a neighborhood store meant to service the community within a 2-mile radius.

U.S. Bowling Congress owners and village officials said that it took three years of marketing to find a developer willing to commit to a project on that particular location.

The current property where Wal-Mart would be is valued at $4 million. Once development is done the value of the property would go up to about $10 million or more, which would go towards the village’s tax base, according to village officials.

In the past several people have voiced opinions in favor and against the project. This time only a handful had something to say on Tuesday night's meeting. Some were in favor and others were against the project.

Kathy Davenport, owner of in the Village Center, expressed concern of competition against Wal-Mart.

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Bryan K. June 22, 2011 at 03:21 PM
People said the same thing that "we Muskego residents won't shop at the Muskego Walmart" a few years ago. But then, when it opened, people took back their words and went and faced that "scary demon names Walmart." Greendale residents, why does the name Walmart scare you? If it was Target, would it have the same opposition? Most likely, not. This is a grocery Walmart with a few items, not a general Walmart with a few groceries. This store, along with Macy's and the entire Southridge renovation will bring a new light to 76th street and the entire southwest side. This should be looked at in a positive way, not a negative one!
Bren June 22, 2011 at 08:10 PM
Yes, the Village Board has been duped, but it's not as if they haven't been warned (including by me!). I note that the author of the article again states that there was a three year search to find a tenant, and I will repeat what I have posted elsewhere: this is not what we were told at the Open House. We were told that a RFP was sent out and Walmart was the only company that picked it up. This is a subtle but distinctly different explanation and it makes me suspicious. Walmart was also presented to Greendale as a virtual done deal months ago as well. Seems to me someone really wanted Walmart in Greendale. And this in despite of the documented evidence about Walmart's egregious business practices. I don't shop at Walmart and that won't change. It will be interesting to see 1) if the tax revenue from Walmart will meet or exceed the additional expenses it will bring (police, public works, etc.). Every time I drive past a Walmart there's a squad car at the entrance and trash blowing around the parking lot. I feel sorry for the folks who live west of 76th Street. 2) How Walmart will impact the stores on Broad Street. They can duplicate and undersell any of the merchandise sold on Broad Street of course. And I won't be encouraging anyone to apply for a job there--people are paid and treated poorly.
Concerned For Greendale June 22, 2011 at 08:27 PM
Bren: I agree with you 1000%. Walmart is NOT going to make the 76th Street shopping area more upscale; it will make it more downscale. I fear our Village Trustees have sold the Village a bill of goods. Enough said; you can't fight City (oops) Village Hall. Perhaps the additional tax revenue will cover the costs of the additional work that the Greendale Police Department will be doing on 76th Street.
Bren June 22, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Concerned, possibly you saw the article earlier this week on this site about the Fox Point woman who had her wallet stolen at Southridge in May. Most of the $4,000+ charged to her credit cards occurred at two area Walmart stores. In light of their success, I'm sure the thieves are back at Southridge trolling for their next victim(s). Just think--in just a few months, they won't have to go to any trouble at all to spend up stolen credit cards. They'll just trot across the street. I enjoyed this statement from the article, "Wal-Mart representatives have stressed that this particular store will be a neighborhood store meant to service the community within a 2-mile radius." Clearly Walmart reps are including the thieves and loiterers that plague Southridge as being part of our 2-mile "community." Also, knowing that Walmart spared no expense researching the market potential of the S. 76th Street corridor, should we start taking bets on how long they plan to bide their time in their "tiny" 390-car venue before they drop the pretense and reveal their real plan on S. 76th Street? Sorry, but there is just no way any reasonable person can believe that multinational corporate monster Walmart really cares that tiny Greendale, Wisconsin doesn't have its very own grocery store. Well, no need to buy the next issue. Most of us are aware of how Walmart operates.
Lovin' Greendale June 23, 2011 at 01:05 PM
Muskego Resident, the only new light coming to 76th Street will be the red and blue flashing lights of the local police. I stopped shopping Wal Mart many years ago when I noticed that the police were always there. And by the way, last I checked Muskego was not on a major bus line! How Wal Mart will help make the area more upscale is a mystery to me.


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