UPDATED: Only 83 Now Without Power in Fox Point

WE Energies still working on three outages.

Around 10 a.m. Friday, a fallen tree left 430 We Energies customers without power in Fox Point, and during the , leaving many without air conditioning or fans. As of 3:06 p.m., only 83 people still remain without power in Fox Point.

Brian Manthey, spokesman for WE Energies, said a fallen tree was reported by a We Energies customer in the 7400 block of Seneca Rd.

"The wind has been creating some problems for customers," Manthey said. "Customers are telling us there's wires down in the back yard and a tree down on a line."

Manthey said that if a tree falls on power lines, or lines are broken, to stay far away because even if you don't touch them, electricity can still be conducted through items like a fence or water.

"We always tell people to stay away from power lines and stay a long distance, at least 25 feet away," Manthey said. "You may think it's dead, but it may still have power and if it's near a fence, water, it can conduct it."


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