Fox Point and Bayside Week in Review: April 24-30

A weekly recap highlighting the week's top news in Fox Point and Bayside.

Fox Point-Bayside Patch is featuring a weekly recap of the top stories from April 24-30.

Police are investigating a slew of $5 bills that have been reprinted as $100 bills in Fox Point. The suspect who was caught on a security camera, has attempted to use the counterfeit money at Walgreens in River Point Shopping Center, and also tried to use the $100 bill at Starbucks in Audubon Court.

The watermark in the paper showed President Abraham Lincoln’s face, traditionally on a $5 bill, and the security ribbon matched for a five-dollar bill, but the exterior printing of the bill showed it to be a $100 bill - proving counterfeit. Police have not caught the suspect yet.

It only takes one bullet to end a life, and so Bayside Police officers will be getting new bullet proof vests the Village Board approved for purchase. The money to purchase the vests is coming in part from the village, and also from a federal grant.

“I can say one thing with absolute certainty, wearing protective vests saves lives,” Bayside police Chief Bruce Resnick said.  “A lot of it is the luck of the draw. The type of weapon used and what distance the shot comes from. We don’t have a lot of control over what happens. But anyone who wears a vest is better off.”

While traveling north on I-43 in a 55 mph zone, this woman was clocked going 73 mph by a officer. He activated his emergency lights and took off.

When officers were searching her vehicle, they found discovering not just a single pipe, but a red, metal container with a green leafy substance, seven glass containers with THC residue on them, two glass pipes also with THC residue, two baggies, one bath salt, and two Tums wrapped in aluminum foil.

She was cited for operating while under the influence and for being in possession of drug paraphernalia.

After a short set back with the recession, Fox Point art dealer Frank Allen Sadler of the Frank Allen Gallery is preparing for a major exhibition in May.

Between stashing new pieces on the second floor of his building until opening night May 20, and even setting up the restroom as a unique exhibition space, Sadler is doing a lot of work preparing for his comeback show.

“I used to hold gallery shows twice a year, but now I do one big show a year,” Sadler explained, gazing around his showroom at the art-strewn walls.

With big smiles and wide eyes, preschooler's in Michelle Mittelstadt's class at Rainbow Preschool watched these chicks as they pecked out of their eggs, and began to grow into tiny, fluffy chicks. Check out the photo slide show of the students showing their love for the little, baby chicks.


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