Great Hostess Gifts for Holiday Shenanigans

Heading to a holiday party? Here's a few ideas on what to bring that hostess with the mostest.

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December is chalked full of holiday parties, get-togethers and gatherings full of eating, drinking and laughter. But what about that lovely lady or gallant guy who's hosting all the shindigs? Take a look at these gift ideas we found locally.

1. Drinking Jewelry

Everyone likes to keep their germs to themselves, so a drink charm is a great way to identify who's sipping what and have some creative fun at the same time. Drink charms are a fairly inexpensive way to go and can be found at big-box stores such as Boston Store and Sears and locally at Atypic Gallery.

2. Pick Your Poison

Not every host or hostess is looking to get their drink on, but many are. Either way, there's a menagerie of different liquid concoctions to share. If they're a coffee enthusiast, try a bag of flavored coffee beans. A basic bottle of red, or white wine can be a good choice and easily available at your local grocer, like Sendik's or Pick 'n Save. But if your hostess is into something a little stronger, try a smaller, high-end bottle of their favorite beer brew or liquor. You can also pick these up at your local grocer or favorite liquor store, like Otto's.

3. Sweet Treats in Vast Varieties

Gift baskets are a sure way to snag some variety. Whether it's sweets-themed with chocolates and candies, movie melodrama with popcorn and Milk Duds or, for the cooking fiend, unique utensils — you are sure to get them something they like inside the basket. Check out some cool gift baskets at William's and Sonoma and on the second floor of Boston Store; and, if you're a little fruity, why not try out a basic fruit basket from Fresh Market.

4. Fido and Fluffy Need Love, Too

Not everyone has a fluffy fur ball at home, but many do — and it's the holidays for them, too. Bringing a bone for Fido or some cat nip for little Fluffy can go a long way keeping them occupied while the humans socialize. Scoop up these gifts at retailers like Pet Supplies Plus and Hounds Around Town or go green and get some organic, healthified special dog treats at Community Bark. 

5. So fresh and so clean, clean

Smelly soaps and candles are easy to find and, if you stick with a more mellow scent, a sure way to go. Scents like vanilla, lavender or fresh cotton are more likely to blend with what the homeowner may already have set up — something like Pinky's Bubble Gum Brandy may just throw a wrench in their feng shui. Try Bath and Body Works, Pottery Barn and Bayside Floral and Design. 


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