Kid Leashes, Destruction of American Families Among Hottest Blog Posts

From the benefits of minimum wage to the destruction of the American family, Patch bloggers weighed in on a variety of topics this week. Here is a look at some of the most popular posts over the past week.

The most popular blog posts in Wisconsin Patch sites this past week ran the gamut — from pro- and anti-Scott Walker pieces to children on leashes to destruction of American families. 

Every day, Patch's Local Voices bloggers share information, insight and opinion about what matters to them. Here's a selection of blogs from throughout the past week.

Although this post only had two sentences, it was enough to garner more than 120 comments. In, "Why Do We Have a Minimum Wage?" readers debated the importance of unions and the minimum wage system. Mount Pleasant blogger, Bottom Line, needed to only ask one question to get this conversation flowing:  Why do we have a minimum wage and how does it affect society?

Greendale blogger J.B. Schmidt takes a look at the crumbling of the American family in "Family Not Required," where he asks Patch readers to consider not "keeping up with the Jonses" to begin having families. Schmidt talks about how today's family dynamic dehumanizes women in the inner cities, allows for co-habitation instead of marriage and demands that people accept the gay lifestyle. Each one of those elements, he says, contributes to the demise of the nuclear family, he writes.

Mama Bear, a Patch blogger from Waukesha, asks readers to help her understand the need for child leashes. With 100 comments, some Patch readers are well in support of both the use of child leashes, and on the other end of the spectrum, considering their use as child abuse.

We also have both a pro and an anti-Gov. Scott Walker set of posts this week. In, "Scott Walker: Are Private Sector Unions Still Your 'Partner in Economic Development?'" a Greendale blogger challenges Walkers shifting statements on unions. And another blogger touts Walker's coined phrase as truth, that he really as "moved Wisconsin forward."  

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Lika Phipps February 25, 2013 at 09:45 PM
Leave it to Bottom Line to ask such a hot topic question... Always rhetorical, and a question that may not have a right/wrong answer, depending on the angle it comes from. But, good question about minimum wage. My opinion? So we don't have slave wages. On the other hand, if minimum wage was supposed to be livable, it would depend on who you are. A single person needs a lot less than the chap working to support a family of 4. You can't change it per person, because a McD job is a McD job. If it were a $20/hr job, why go to college to do IT just to make $25/hr to start? it's a minimum wage job to begin with. On the other hand, why is it that the federal minimum wage is now what, $7.50/hr, up from 1987 when it was $3.35//hr, yet the wait staff STILL are only making $2.35/hr plus tips, and that's been that way for over 20 years? Shouldn't their minimum wage go up too? Thing is, minimum wage jobs are to supplement what you have, or to work with your schedule. Great for high school & college kids, or that first "real" job after babysitting and lawn cutting jobs. Or, maybe you're a healthy senior citizen who wants to work part time. These jobs AREN'T for those who are trying to raise a child, buy their first home, etc... If you want to keep up with the Jones', then you'll have to get an education and a job to do so. Even then, Jones has a head start, so work hard and you'll be the next Jones than.


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