October's Top 5: Bank Robbers, Third-Grader With Leukemia, Burglars and More

Here's a look at the top stories for the month of the October in Fox Point and Bayside.

Here's a look at the biggest stories from the month of October in Fox Point and Bayside. 

1. UPDATE: Bank Robbers in Halloween Masks Hit Educators Credit Union

Residents on Mall Road in Glendale, near the Fox Point border, are now able to leave their homes after being told to stay inside by local police following a bank robbery earlier today. 

Police say there were two men in Halloween masks who fled the scene and are possible suspects in the bank robbery. Find the follow-up from this story when Glendale police released photographs of the two suspected robbers here.

2. Philanthropic Fox Point and Baysiders Help Third-Grader With Leukemia

Fox Point third-grader Audrey Parrott was diagnosed with leukemia. And while she spends most of her time at Children's Hospital, preparing herself for the expected hair loss that accompanies chemotherapy, her family and friends in the Fox Point-Bayside area are banding together to bring a smile to Audrey's face and help support her family financially. 

3. Cops: Teen Tipster Leads to Arrests in Nicolet Vandalism

After a tumultuous Homecoming week at Nicolet High School filled with vandalism, a cancelled pep rally and some not-so-funny senior pranks, Glendale Police arrested two teens in connection with the vandalism. One attended Nicolet, the other, a school in Ozaukee County. 

4. Burglars Strike Two Fox Point Homes While Homeowners Sleep

Two Fox Point homes were burglarized in late September while the owners slept just rooms away. When her dog started barking aggressively, she got up and went to it in the sun room and saw someone in dark clothing running out her back door. 

5. 40-Year Resident Stands Strong with 8-Foot Campaign Sign

For four decades, Elaine Fantin has been putting up political campaign signs in her Fox Point yard. Those signs have shifted support over the years, donning both Democrat and Republican messages, because Fantin considers herself an independent.

This year though, it’s hard to miss the 4-foot by 8-foot "Save America, Vote Obama" sign at 385 W. Dean Rd., facing Maple Dale Middle School.


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