September's Top 5: Burned Books, 'Preppy Hoes,' Arrested Former School Board Members and More

Here's a look at the top stories for the month of the September in Fox Point and Bayside.

Here's a look at the biggest stories from the month of August in Fox Point and Bayside.

1. 'Lax Bros and Preppy Hoes' Sparks Controversy at Nicolet

A group of about 60 Nicolet High School seniors took Homecoming Week to a new extreme this year, bypassing the scheduled theme of "Pajama Day" and substituting their own theme: "LAX Bros and Preppy Hoes."

Many of the girls came to school in what resembled a Catholic School Girl outfit, or similar attire to what Britney Spears wore in her video, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" — with miniskirts, button-down white shirts and loose-fitting, men's ties.

2. Former School Board Member Arrested at Nicolet Homecoming

Former Nicolet High School board member Jennifer Peltz was arrested for disorderly conduct at the school's Homecoming football game after she resisted arrest when officers repeatedly told her to remove a half-barrel of root beer because kids were doing keg stands.

3. Fire Started in Ellsworth Park By Teens Who 'Wanted to Stay Warm'

Three Bayside girls lit pages torn from books in the Little Free Library at Ellsworth Park, then ran away. Each nabbed a $681 fine. They told police they started the fire because they started to “stay warm.”

4. TMJ4 Reporter Cited for Using Potty Mouth With Cops After Urinating at Bayshore

A local television reporter was cited for disorderly conduct when he became belligerent with police after being caught urinating outside of the Apple store at Bayshore Mall.

When the officer asked Rob Koebel to hand him his phone, he said: 'No, do you know who you're messing with?'


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