The Best of Patch: June

A look back at the top headlines from Fox Point-Bayside Patch in 2011.

At year's end it's nice to take a look back at where you came, which offers a good look at where you're going. At Patch, June brought even more political controversy as the Governor signed the controversial state budget, Patch took an investigative look into North Shore squad car replacement and more. Take a look at the top stories Fox Point-Bayside Patch had in June.

Gov. Scott Walker signed his controversial 2011-13 budget bill into law, ending a heated six-month battle over the $66 billion spending plan.

The bill features extensions to tax breaks for manufacturers and multistate corporations, which Republicans have said will spur job creation. It will also cut $800 million from public education, $500 million from Medicaid, and $250 million from the University of Wisconsin System, however, will not include and fee or tax increases.

As tight as municipal budgets are these days, one would think that local police departments would hang on to their squad cars and other vehicles as long as possible before getting rid of them.

And in most area communities, that's exactly what happens, but not in Fox Point.

After the Lion's Gates at Fairy Chasm road got a bit of a facelift, someone decided they weren't so happy with the new plants. officers discovered a couple dozen of the plants removed and laid delicately and precisely, side-by-side along the shoulder. Village Manager Andy Pederson said that because they were not tossed into the road, but laid carefully along the edge, the plants were able to be replanted.

Bayside police and North Shore Fire Department crews rescued an 8-year-old girl who was trapped at the bottom of a ravine during a hike at the .

Neighbors say they don't want a group home near their property. The nuns say they just want to be members of the community. After compelling comments from both sides, the Fox Point Village Board declined their request by a narrow vote, leaving the nuns to find new residency.


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