Woman Arrested After Punching a Bayside Officer

Kicking, biting and screaming, this woman took officers by storm and did not go quietly.

After tailgating multiple vehicles on Interstate 43 and following one man into a parking lot, this woman did not go quietly with police.

According to the statement from one of the men she tailgated, the woman had followed him all the way from Capitol Drive, weaving through all three lanes of traffic and speeding just before 4 a.m. Saturday. He called police from the freeway and then again from a parking lot. The other man she followed told police she was following him so closely on I-43, he couldn't see her headlights, and estimated she was going around 100 mph. He got off the highway and the woman followed him into the parking lot of the , parking him in saying she was “going to follow him.”

As arrived, the woman's car began to drive away. As the officer got out of his vehicle and instructed her to stop, another car pulled up behind the officer and said, “That’s her!"

Officers asked the woman what had happened, and she said, "Just because I am drunk he thinks he can have his way with me.”

When asked what she was talking about, the woman pointed to one of the men. Officers noted in their report that her speech was extremely slurred. She then asked the officer to help her get her car in park. When he said it was already there, she said, “How did it get into park?”

After officers asked her to turn the car off, with her restarting it multiple times, another officer went to the passenger side window and pulled the keys from the car. He noticed a 1.75 liter, open bottle of Sobieski Vodka on the passenger seat, nearly empty. Officers opened the drivers-side door and escorted her out.

The report says she immediately began kicking and swinging her arms. She calmed down, and officers said they thought they were going to be able to administer the field sobriety test, but then she started to grab an officer's shirt. She was arrested for operating while under the influence, but officers could not get both sets of cuffs on her because the report says she was sweating and struggling. During the struggle, she attempted to bite and kick at both officers. They warned her to stop or she’d be pepper sprayed, however, she ignored their warnings and when she raised her foot even with the other officer's head, she was sprayed. She was then taken to the hospital to have a blood test.

One officer included in her report that while at the hospital, she was hit in the face by the woman. She had warrants through Greenfield and South Milwaukee so she was then transported to the Milwaukee County Jail. Once at the jail, the woman said she did not remember fighting with officers, being pepper sprayed or being at the hospital. She was cited for operating while under the influence, operating without a valid drivers license, open intoxicants and reckless driving.

Dave Koven August 21, 2011 at 05:41 PM
Police don't get paid enough.


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