Erecting a President

Is the media building something that doesn't exist?

It has been over two weeks since the death of a US Ambassador at the hands of Libyan terrorists.  Since that time we have been bombarded with false information and false premises.  However, as non-mainstream media sources actually begin to dig into the attacks and understand the motive behind them, the facts big to paint a picture contrary to what we have been told.  Most recently, it appears that this was not the first attack on the US Consulate this year and that these preceded the release of the Youtube video we were told was behind all the riots.  If the current Administration knew of the situation in Benghazi prior to the 9/11, attacks that killed a US Ambassador, why are we being fed a false narrative? 

What I find most striking regarding the false narrative being presented is that it goes beyond the Administration.  Every President will attempt to control the release of news in order to spin the best possible angle; however, here we have the news agencies controlling the release of news in order to produce the best spin for the President.  They are erecting a man for President because they understand that he cannot get elected under his record. 

While the foreign policy fallout continues to rain down around an administration and media closing its eyes to the entire situation; domestically the same false narratives are being presented. 

Univision, a non-mainstream media outlet that represents the Latino population, has been investigating the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans under policy produced by the current Administration.  In there investigation they have uncovered an instance where operatives for a Mexican drug cartel, using weapons from Fast and Furious, opened fire on a group of teenagers killing 12.  This was part of the nearly 2000 guns the ATF allowed to be purchased by Mexican criminals.  When Univision had an opportunity to address this with the President in an interview his response was: 1) Blame Bush and 2) Call it a distraction.  Following suit the mainstream media blamed Bush and considered it a distraction not worth their time.  

As with the debacle of policy that is being exposed in Libya, the Fast and Furious scandal being intentionally spun in favor of the President to build him as bigger than his actions are capable.  The truth behind the false narrative is that the actions of this administration under Fast and Furious led to the death of Americans just as in Libya. 

Beyond simple scandals, the president needs accomplices in presenting his dream for his next presidency.  However, his dream is being presetned as if the past four years do not exist.  That whitewashing is in full effect with the every increasing bad news coming out about the economy.  Our country has seen 40 plus months of unemployment above 8%.  To the glee of the mainstream media, that unemployment number has been coming down.  The problem is in how that number is reported.  Within that 8%, they only count those Americans actively looking for work.  In the last round of data we saw that for every person getting a job, there were 4 people that stopped looking and dropped out of the labor force.  Those people are not included in the 8%.  The truth is, if there were the same number of people in the work force today as there were at the end of the Bush administration the unemployment rate would be 11%.  The problem is that the mainstream media knows a president rarely gets elected when the economy is bad.  Therefore, they must erect a false concept of what a good economy should look like. 

Why would liberals in the administration and the media attempt to erect a president rather than let the people elect a president based on his record and ability? 

The liberals (of which make 90% of all journalists) are running out of options.  The American people have begun to refuse the liberal/socialist ideal that are being imported from Europe.  The concepts of large centralized government and high government dependencies that crippling the economy of the EU have been slowly creeping into the US and the public doesn’t like it.  President Obama believes in the redistribution of wealth, the expansion of the welfare state and increased government control of your lives.  If the truth behind his failed/failing policy is revealed, their opportunity for social change is gone. 

Recently on Monday Night Football, Jon Gruden compared Clint Eastwood’s character Josey Wales to Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler.  Jon created a false narrative of toughness that any Packer fan will gladly remind you does not exist.  The mainstream media is doing the same with Barrack Obama.  Those willing to watch the Presidents performance objectively can tell you he has done nothing that has had a positive impact on the country.  His healthcare plan will do nothing but raise taxes on the middle class while decreasing service.  He wishes to help the economy by repeating his failed stimulus again in the second term.  Lastly, he is taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to foreign affairs that has already cost the lives of three Americans in Libya and hundreds in Afghanistan.

If the media succeeds in their objective to erect a president the outcome will be the end of America.  Not necessarily because the policy of the Obama itself will destroy the country, but rather honest election of the US Presidency will be dead.


Romney/Ryan 2012

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J. B. Schmidt October 04, 2012 at 08:32 PM
@Lyle I think it is a fairly good estimate. Why, do you have figures that prove it wrong?
Steve ® October 04, 2012 at 09:57 PM
Good point, but he prob likes that kind of filth
James R Hoffa October 05, 2012 at 12:26 AM
Seems that the liberals can't deny anything that JB has asserted in this blog - nice job JB for once again hitting the nail on the head!
ace October 05, 2012 at 12:51 AM
the reason Obama is lazy and disconnected is because he’s nothing more than an empty chair, an empty stuffed shirt. He never actually BUILT or earned anything in his life. He was bred, incubated and raised to play this role by his elite masters to destroy America. He just “Plays President.” He also plays golf, basketball and vacations; Valerie Jarrett and others make all his decisions, write his teleprompter speeches. All he knows are “talking points.” Leaders unite a country and it’s people prosper; Losers divide-to-conquer and destroy a country. What he offers the middle class and lower-income people is akin to a pedophile offering lots of candy to little children. The smart ones don’t fall for it; the victims do!
Michael McClusky October 07, 2012 at 01:56 PM
@ace Obama is just unqualified for the job. Your description of him is fairly accurate.


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