The President Kills GOP Groundhog Day

Think Wiilar Romney would have ever given the order to the Seal Team to go after Bin Laden? Think again.

Over the past week conservative heads have been exploding all across America. You see, the Obama campaign has had the bad manners, along with the “liberal media,” of bringing up the anniversary of the raid on Abbottabad. The President had given the order for a team of brave Navy Seals to burst into a compound and take out the man who headed up the killing of 3,000 innocent people on 9/11 and many more at places around the world.

It was bad enough for the right that the President has emerged as the coolest kid in school, but now we are all forced to remember when Barack Obama said go on the raid that took out the Republican’s terror tool.

Of course, last Monday GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney had to be asked if he would have given the same order and of course he said he would, with a dash of a dis on former President Jimmy Carter for good measure. This is a President who few current voters remember except as the guy who goes around fixing up houses and brokering elections. We could use him in Waukesha County in June, by the way.

And of course in the meantime GOP extremists do what they do and started a lame swift-boat campaign against the President.

Now we can only speculate, but of course Mitt wouldn’t, for two reasons. For all his bold talk, Mitt Romney is one of the most risk adverse persons running for office in memory. Look at how he caved like a house of cards when the “family values” wing of the GOP caterwauled over his appointment of openly gay national security advisor Richard Grenell. This is one of many Romney’s profiles in caution, so don’t expect bold and risky from this guy if he gets elected.

Yes, I cannot come up with any deeds of daring-do performed by the current president, but Romney swings way in the opposite direction.

Romney’s life has been one giant safety net. After growing up in a life of total ease, Romney’s “mission trip” as a Mormon was more like an extended vacation in France. Bill Bain enticed Romney into coming onto his company with a promise that the venture would be totally risk free for him.

Going on to his signature project, the Salt Lake City Olympics, Mr. “No Bail outs for Detroit” took a record amount of federal prop-up money.

As for the recent primary, Romney has more than demonstrated the lack of courage to stand up for a single thing he was for prior to going through the conservative wringer. What makes anyone expect he’s up to the tough decisions?

That fateful night before the decision to launch the Bin Laden raid, not a single member of the National Security Team gave the mission more than a 50 percent chance of succeeding. The decision was the President’s and the President’s alone, and the blame would have been all his. It is highly doubtful that Risk-Adverse Romney would have given that order, even if we ignore the second point I’m going to make.

This reason is more instructive of his party.

There is no way a Republican president would have ever gone after Bin Laden. They certainly didn’t for the seven succeeding years of the Bush administration. Remember Bush saying he didn’t care where Bin Laden was? Of course he didn’t.

Bin Laden was the GOP equivalent of Punxsutawney Phil.

Remember every time there was an election following 9/11, or Bush’s poll numbers dipped or there was something they wanted to ram through Congress? Like the guys in the top hats in Pennsylvania, out came Bin Laden, usually in the form of some video that we’d find out later was weeks or months old. Yup. Six more weeks of terror.

It’s bad enough that Obama has been going around telling jokes at John Boehner’s expense, or warbling Al Green, or slow talking on Jimmy Fallon. The President had gone and had the GOP Terror Tool killed.

And now we have the Greek chorus of Republican surrogates on FOX “NEWS” and all over the blogs and on talk radio (Republicans don’t have lives you see) railing about how bringing up this achievement is soooo inappropriate (stifle laugh).

This, from a party that never failed to wave the bloody shirt of 9/11 high and long. The 2004 GOP National Convention was particularly ghoulish, with the 9/11 motif in the background and constant reminders of the attack and the need to cozy up with the Daddy party. Of course it was made even more ghoulish with Rudy Guiliani’s appearance aging into a strong resemblance to silent movie vampire Max Schreck.

None of this should be surprising, because the GOP has another tool, and that one is government. This tool is designed to enable upward income distribution and nothing more. And with the Bin Laden Terror Tool gone, President Obama has made the GOP’s ability to retain the other tool just that much harder. The poor dears will be left to now totally relying on dumpsters full of vulture billionaire cash in an attempt to fool or disgust voters.

And for those of you who are upset that the President’s campaign has the gall to bring up the raid, despite the fact that the GOP blasted 9/11 at us through a fire hose for seven years, blame Romney. Mitt has for months been using that phony line that the President has been going around “apologizing” for America, which of course is total nonsense.

So a lesson to Mitt. When someone owns a giant flyswatter such as the killing of Osama, a little Mormon temperance would be in order. Republican’s expect Democrats not to use their advantages, but that isn’t going to happen here. This is not John Kerry running this time.

Being a lawyer, Barack Obama knows malpractice when he sees it.

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Bob McBride May 11, 2012 at 03:24 PM
Steve, I think that given that scenario, should a dust-up erupt at the post-nupt celebration, an emergency Rose Garden Beer Summit might be in order. And yes they should make sure that Joe Biden understands that a wheelchair isn't a mobile Stratolounger.
Johnny Blade May 11, 2012 at 05:42 PM
gays are that way out of choice.... Your right there is NO free will, it is the electrical impluses in my head .. so do you believe murders are born murders??
Randy1949 May 11, 2012 at 05:48 PM
@Johnny Blade -- The psychiatric community disagrees with you. The reputable psychiatric community at least. Sexual orientation is innate and is something we have little control over. The only control we have is to be celibate or not, which even some heterosexuals seem to have difficulty doing. Why don't you try holding you tongue until you know what you're talking about.
Keith Schmitz May 11, 2012 at 07:48 PM
If I would respect you, I'd be so damned hurt. But I'm not.
Keith Schmitz May 11, 2012 at 07:49 PM
Johnny, excellent job of playing stupid. Being gay is not a lifestyle choice. Hating them is.


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