2014 Nicolet Rec. Dept. District Free Throw Contest Results

On Saturday, February 22, 2014, the Nicolet Recreation Department held the annual District Free Throw Contest at Nicolet High School. A record 113, 3rd - 8th graders participated. Here is the complete list of winners.


3rd Grade Girls

1st Place - Leah Soyke, Maple Dale (14)

2nd Place - Amelia Ansay, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Mallory DeLuca, Parkway

4th Place Marissa Tucker, Parkway


3rd Grade Boys

1st Place - Olivier Imbert, Maple Dale (18)

2nd Place - Brendan Ryan, Parkway

3rd Place - Devon Mehta, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Ryan Tan, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Aiden Kuether, St. Eugene


4th Grade Girls

1st Place - MacKenzie Barnes, Glen Hills (16)

2nd Place - Simran Kindloskar, Glen Hills

2nd Place - Clare Donohue, Maple Dale

2nd Place - CC Harding, Maple Dale

2nd Place - Ophelia Mediola, Maple Dale


4th Grade Boys

1st Place - Caleb Boppre, St. John (16)

2nd Place - Josh Hodges, Glen Hills

2nd Place - Jamari Julien, Maple Dale

2nd Place - Zachary Timm, Maple Dale


5th Grade Girls

1st Place - Hannah Pricket, Glen Hills (15)

2nd Place - Sydney Matthews, Bayside

3rd Place - Brianna Hintz, Glen Hills

3rd Place - Ivy Hunt, Maple Dale


5th Grade Boys

1st Place - Isaiah Collins, Glen Hills (19)

2nd Place - Jacob Barger, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Matthew Hintz, Glen Hills

3rd Place - Jameson Junge, Bayside


6th Grade Girls

1st Place - Casey O'Hare, Maple Dale (21)

2nd Place - Kai Penoske, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Kayla Bates, Maple Dale

4th Place - Campbell Pope, Maple Dale


6th Grade Boys

1st Place - Daniel Moser, Bayside (20)

2nd Place - Tylor Valentine, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Shane Donohue, Maple Dale

3rd Place - Meeland Doroodchi, Maple Dale


7th Grade Girls

1st Place - Claudia Schneider, Bayside (19)

2nd Place - Jaya Williams, Glen Hills

3rd Place - Jess Kyzer, Glen Hills

4th Place - Juanita James, Glen Hills

4th Place - Taylor Hall, Bayside


7th Grade Boys

1st Place - Robert Behl, Bayside (22)

2nd Place - Teddy Wegehupt, Bayside

3rd Place - Sam Smulyan, Bayside

4th Place - Nick Cardinale, Maple Dale


8th Grade Girls

1st Place - Landry Elliot, Maple Dale (20)

2nd Place - Brianna Guember, St. John

2nd Place - Stephanie Smulyan, Bayside

4th Place - Iris Boparai, Maple Dale


8th Grade Boys

1st Place - Ken Matthews, Bayside (27)

2nd Place - Reggie Fleming, St. John

3rd Place - Patrick Smith, Glen Hills

4th Place - Bryce Krychowiak, Maple Dale

4th Place - Kamari Clayton, Bayside


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