Fox Point Resident Questions High Cost of Fox Point Footbridge

Bob Cory compares the Bridge Lane Ravine Footbridge project, with projects around $1 million, to a similar pedestrian footbridge installed at Riverside High School for just $185,000.

Recently a pedestrian bridge was ordered, assembled and erected in Milwaukee near the Riverside High School. This bridge was assembled and erected in one week and it took aprox. ninety minutes to install. The assembly and erection was accomplished by three men at a  total cost of $185,000.

The Village of Fox Point is “researching” a pedestrian bridge to replace an aging bridge known as the Bridge Lane Ravine Footbridge. The “research” has been ongoing now for over a year and after spending tens of thousands of dollars on consultants – they are awaiting the results of the third such study at a cost of $17,500.

Just about a year ago, the village arranged financing for this as yet to be approved obscure capitol project to the tune of aproximately $1.2 million dollars.

People who are curious to see the bridge are unable to park near the structure to observe its value.

It appears that the total cost of demolition on the old bridge and the construction of a new structure will approach at least $2 million!

This walk bridge over a common ravine has limited exposure and is a low priority project which is probably totally obscure to most of the village residents.

How is it that the beautiful, state of the art Riverside pedestrian bridge comes in at $185,000 turnkey and the Fox Point ravine bridge is already costing the village over $1 million and is not even, as of yet, approved?

Should the village inform its resident of the project and its cost? The last such informational communication was surveying the color of garbage cans!

In these times when capitol projects such as sewers and street resurfacing are high priority topics, does this make sense? Why is the village board reluctant to inform the residents of this project and its details?

Bob  Cory
Fox Point


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