Nicolet Students Mourn Loss of Classmates Killed in High-Speed Crash

The afternoon after Halee Ludowise-Fischer and Jennifer Geren died in accident, friends gathered for strength and to share memories.

Under a gray drizzling sky Saturday afternoon, five Nicolet High School sophomores gathered at the site where their 15-year-old classmates Halee Ludowise-Fischer and Jennifer Geren into a tree and utility pole earlier in the day.

The students signed their names to messages in permanent marker on a utility pole that the car had struck at West Good Hope Road and North Seneca Avenue in Glendale. Dozens of others already had left their own notes and bouquets of flowers.

Jnana Martin, 16, said she didn't write anything on the pole because she couldn't think of anything that would do justice to her feelings for her friends.

"There's just no words," she said.

Martin said she had been best friends with Ludowise-Fischer in middle school, and drifted somewhat in high school, though they remained good friends. She said Ludowise-Fischer could make friends with almost anyone because of her positive attitude.

"She had a lot of friends," Martin said. "She wasn't judgmental at all."

Martin said Ludowise-Fischer always tried to make the best of any conflict that was happening around her.

"Halee was the kind of person who when people talked about her, she didn't flap back, she didn't react," she said. "She always had a smile on her face. Even when things were bad, she smiled because she wanted them to be right. She would never cry in front of people; she would always smile for the sake of it.

"She didn't get mad about anything. She was such a lively person and didn't feed into negativity."

"She is going to be greatly missed."

Martin was less close with Geren, but said she frequently noticed what a loyal friend Geren was, even to acquaintances.

"She would always talk about how much she loved her friends," Martin said. "She was a very loyal person. She would always laugh at people's jokes, even when they weren't funny."

Martin said she was in an English class with Geren, where she regularly excelled.

"We would actually clap for Jenni when she would come to class," Martin said. "We would say, 'Jenni is in class today' and clap for her ... And when when Jenni laughed, everyone would laugh."

The accident occurred at 1 a.m Saturday, when Ludowise-Fischer, who was driving her parents' car, attempt to elude a River Hills police officer who tried to stop her for a traffic violation, police say.

The car kept speeding east on Good Hope Road for several blocks before crashing into a utility pole and a tree. The two girls died instantly, police said.

Some students gathered at the site of the crash Saturday, while more than a dozen met with a school psychologist in the school lobby.

Nicolet Superintendent Rick Monroe said he is planning to have five counseling stations set up at school Monday for individual and group counseling. Teachers will read an announcement in the morning to their classes about the car crash, and students will be allowed to leave classes at any time to attend the counseling sessions.

"Our focus now is on taking care of our students and doing what we can for the families," Monroe said.

jessica November 20, 2011 at 07:08 AM
Halee I have known you since k4 we have almost always been close I don't know how I will live without you but I will find the will just like you always found the will to help others even when you barely knew them you always did what you could to make others happy and did so much to improve others lives you made an impact on so many people i love you halee and i dont think you even knew how many people loved and cared about you and always will. there is no good way to die a right time to do it an odd thought that this time is for thanks and what we are all greatfull for but i am just greatful i had written on your hand the day this happened with a heart that said i love you. rip both of you
Kevin Seymour November 20, 2011 at 06:47 PM
I Cant believe you're gone Halee, I just saw you sunday at my party.. RIP Your cousin Kevin
Amber November 20, 2011 at 08:32 PM
im going to miss seeing you in parenting and children halee. i hope your living in paradise now and have your wings and halo. i will see you again someday i hope.
Taylor November 21, 2011 at 02:03 AM
My name is Taylor Redd, I met Halee Fischer in 1st grade in Parkway Elementary School and i continued at Glen Hills til 8th grade. Every time i saw Halee she always had a smile on her face, lots of positive attitude. Halee I will miss you. Even though i didnt attend Nicolet High School. I know she is still the loveable person she was through the years I was in school with her!!! I didnt know Jeni but she seemed like a cool person to hang out with. With love and Saddest Taylor Redd xoxoxo
bernadette macgivallry November 20, 2012 at 07:32 AM
This is terribly sad. My heart goes out to those who are personally affected by this. My only question is this - why were they fleeing the police in the first place? This could have all been avoided if traffic laws were followed properly.


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