Obama vs. Romney: County Party Chairs' Closing Arguments

Chairs of the St. Croix County Democratic Party and the St. Croix County Republican Party make a case for their candidates for the U.S. presidency — Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Editor's Note: Hudson Patch asked the chairs of both major parties in St. Croix County to provide a closing argument for each of their candidates involved in contested races on Nov. 6. Writing for the St. Croix County Democratic Party is chairwoman Susan Stori. Writing for the St. Croix County Republican Party is chairman Jesse Garza. Each writer was asked to make the case for their candidate in 300 or fewer words. The incumbent party gets the first word and the challenging party gets the last word.


The Case for Barack Obama

Each election year we  ask “are we better off than we were four years ago?” Four years ago we faced economic collapse:  homes in foreclosure, rising health care and college costs.   Many families stayed up late at night at kitchen tables wondering how to make ends meet.  

Today, our economy is rebounding.  Under President Obama we have seen 31 straight months of private sector job growth, and while there is much more to be done, we’re on the right track.

Since taking office President Obama has repeatedly sided with American workers. From saving 1 million auto industry jobs, 25,000 of them in Wisconsin, to giving tax breaks to companies bringing  jobs home,  like Masterlock in Milwaukee, President Obama is committed to building an economy from middle class out, not top down.  

Our future depends on an educated work force, so Mr.  Obama has increased Pell Grant funding to make college more affordable for middle class families so our students are prepared to compete in the global economy.

In the past four years, President Obama stood up for everyday Americans, not insurance companies, to make sure that everyone has access to affordable healthcare, preventative care, and Medicare coverage.   Mr. Obama has provided preventative health care to 1.6 million Wisconsinites because treating disease earlier leads to better results and lower costs. He has also made sure that 310,000 Wisconsin children with pre-existing conditions can continue to receive the care they need without fear of reaching a lifetime insurance cap and being denied healthcare coverage.

We’ve seen ups and downs in the past decade but the gains we’ve made in the last four are too big.   We need to keep our country moving forward by re-electing President Obama.

  --Susan Stori, chairwoman, St. Croix County Democratic Party


The Case for Mitt Romney

The fight for the White House has come down to a few key battleground states. Wisconsin is once again front and center in a fight that will determine the future of our country.

Gov. Mitt Romney has made his case for why he should be our next president of the United States. The past four years has been a story of anemic job and economic growth with the only thing to show for it is $16 trillion dollars of federal debt, 7.8 percent unemployment, one in every six Americans on food stamps, and a country that desperately wants to get back to work, but finding pitfalls along the way.

The slogan "We can’t afford four more years" is not an empty one; it’s a fact. We can’t regulate or tax our way out of a projected $20 trillion dollar deficit for the next four years.

Romney looks to America and sees a nation that can get back on its feet if we just get government out of the way. He has successfully created jobs in the private sector and balanced budgets as governor.

This is the type of leadership we need to get America back to work again and back to a nation of strength and a beacon of hope. His plan is to move us to energy independence, promote an education system that prepares America for the growing demand for skilled workers, stop the unfair trade markets with countries like China, champion small business by getting Washington out of Main Street so job creation can begin again, and finally cut the deficit by strengthening our entitlement programs. 

Obama wants to fight for Big Bird, but Romney wants to fight for you. Join me as we show America that Wisconsin wants real solutions for real problems by voting for Mitt Romney.  

  --Jesse Garza, chairman, St. Croix County Republican Party 


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Adam Wienieski November 05, 2012 at 12:13 AM
Here's a fun fact that demonstrates the effectiveness of Obama's economic policies: Since January, 2009 for every net new job created the country has added 75 people to the food stamp rolls.
Concerned November 27, 2012 at 10:19 PM
Sure. None of those figures had anything to do with the economic collapse before Obama even took office.


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