Speaker Robin Vos: Putting Taxpayers First

Speaker of the Assembly Robin Vos, R-Rochester, talks about the state's budget surplus, the decrease in unemployment and the Legislature's continued focus on jobs.

There has been some positive news coming out of state government that will directly impact the people of the 63rd Assembly District as well as other area districts. I’m happy to say that these developments show that our reforms are working for Wisconsin.  The goal is now to continue to move Wisconsin forward by putting taxpayers first.

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau recently announced that the state has a projected $484 million surplus heading into the next budget cycle. That’s even after we put away money in consecutive years into the state’s rainy day fund.  It’s good news on many fronts.  We have funded the essential services of our state while holding the line on taxes.  The surplus also means that we budgeted wisely and taxpayers can now get back some of their hard-earned dollars.  I’m looking forward to cutting income taxes for every person who pays taxes.  Hopefully, that income tax cut will be directed primarily at the middle class, who carries the heaviest burden.

We’re also seeing positive economic news. The state unemployment rate is down to 6.6% from 9.1% two years ago. The Department of Revenue is predicting the state will see steady job growth over the next year compared to the massive losses before Republicans took the majority in the Legislature. The housing market is recovering and we’re seeing personal incomes rise modestly. We all know that Wisconsin can’t afford to go back to the “big government”, credit card mentality that put our state in a dangerous economic position.

This session in the state Assembly, we’re focusing on bringing more private sector jobs to our area.  I want to see more new businesses around town. That’s why my top priority is helping to foster a better business climate to allow the private sector to create jobs.  Our first bill introduced this session was the “Mining for Jobs” bill.  The legislation reforms an industry important to our state’s past.  The bill could bring new mining and thousands of jobs throughout the state. This includes more jobs in southeastern Wisconsin where there are several companies that make equipment for mining.

We’re also focused on getting government regulations out of the way of job creation. There are thousands of rules and regulations in our Administrative Code.  Many of these rules were never looked at again once they were put on the books.  In the Assembly, we have started a “Right the Rules” project.  We are going to review every rule in the state’s 1,768 chapters of rules.  If the regulation is outdated or adds to the red tape of government, we’re going to take a closer look, hold a public hearing and maybe even change the rule.  We’d like your help in the process. If you know a rule that doesn’t protect the environment or serve a public interest, please let us know. 

We want to continue to see positive news surfacing around the state.  We know that our reforms have set the stage for a productive legislative session, and I hope that will mean more good news for the state and the 63rd Assembly District.  

If you have some ideas about how we can improve Wisconsin, please contact my office at (608) 266-9171 or by e-mail at Rep.Vos@legis.wi.gov.  I also invite you to visit my website at www.repvos.com and be sure to sign up for my weekly e-updates.  Your input is important as we continue to move Wisconsin forward. 

Blair Nielsen January 29, 2013 at 05:26 PM
Forward Wisconsin!
scot January 30, 2013 at 11:29 AM
Another fine member of "Clown`s Lounge".


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