Teacher Thugs: Who Needs Them?

All these Chicago teachers protesting in the streets should be grateful or shut up. Afterall, most of them are useless anyway, right?**

In Chicago, 29,000 teachers were on strike because their corrupt union told them to. This is just another example of the sheer selfishness of these teachers. As they head back to the classroom, I hope they live in fear of losing their over-paid, over-rated jobs for good.

One of the complaints from the teachers in Illinois is the lack of air conditioning in the schools. Oh come on. What a bunch of babies. Kids have been producing in sweat shops for decades and you’re telling me they cannot read and write in a crowded room that's 90 degrees? Please. Most of those public school kids are so fat they could probably stand to sweat out a few Twinkies anyway.

And don’t get me started on the 16% pay increase over a four year period. Sure. Maybe the cost of living in Chicago is higher than a skyscraper on stilts. Maybe many of the teachers spend as much as $5,000 a year to supply their students with the basics. But an average of $74,000 a year for salary?? With that kind of money, they probably spend their entire lazy-filled summers on their yachts and taking trips to Morocco and Italy.

How dare these teachers ask for a higher wage just because they'll be working longer hours? Sure, I get double pay when I work overtime in the private sector. But maybe they should have chosen a better profession. And all this talk about grading papers all night. Please. How difficult can it be to write the letter “F” over and over?

These thugs are complaining about having only one nurse to every 3 schools. Why should taxpayers have to pay for nurses to take care of kids who aren’t ours anyway? They are schools, not hospitals and anyone should be able to put on a bandage.

Teachers and their supporters are worried about the privatization of schools – leaving public schools in the dust. I say go ahead!! This is one industry that has the opportunity to make CEOs and stockholders a whole heck of a lot of cashola. Let these kids do double duty as students and commodities – what’s the harm in that? Public services never did nothin’ for nobody. Those damn fire fighters are lazy wimps. Those police officers do nothing but eat donuts. And those parks? Who needs them? They are just a mecca for good for nothin’ homeless people anyway.

Oh! And they don’t like the idea of being evaluated by standardized tests? What are they so afraid of? Standardized tests rock. Corporate synergy (not sure what that is really, but I heard it on Fox) has made it easy for high-profiting corporations to bank on these tests. And we all know that when profit is a motivator, the best interests of the masses will remain a priority. And so what if some of these corporations are in bed with other corporations that will benefit greatly if public schools fail and privatization becomes the mainstream. Again…money = good. Teachers = bad.

They say it has been proven that these tests consistently reflect family wealth, physical health and neighborhood quality differences rather than school effectiveness. Well maybe that is just another way of thinning out the herd. Unhealthy kids in bad neighborhoods can work harder if they really want to and if they can’t – that is clearly the teacher’s fault. Get rid of those ineffective teachers and leave those dumber kids at the bottom where nature intended.

I have heard educators complain about the heavy police presence in schools, too many metal detectors taking up space and time and causing a distraction. I agree. Get rid of them all. After all, students should be armed. It IS their constitutional right to protect themselves. Maybe all these school shootings could finally turn into a fair fight. And in the bad schools, let them just kill each other off…less for society to worry about.

I say fire all these teachers. We can easily find a ton of jobless people on the street to teach our kids. I don’t care if they do not have the proper training or education. Anyone can do it. Hell, even my 14-year-old niece babysits. How hard can it be to sit at a desk all day, spout off about how NObama is such a great President and throw some liberal propaganda at the kids for them to read. Sure, countries like Finland have the highest scoring students and their teachers happen to be the most educated. But this is AMERICA! If you think Finland is so great – then move to Asia.

Lazy, greedy thugs. They were probably just striking to get a few extra days off from work. I think it is obvious what needs to happen. We need a war against teachers, unions and all public employees. Not only because war is cool and we can blow crap up, but also because these people are sucking money away from the people who REALLY need it…like Koch Industries, Exxon Mobile and JP Morgan. Because remember…they are people, too.

**Today’s sarcasm was brought to you with thanks to all those insightful, open-minded, compassionate commenters, bloggers and editorial writers on Patch, Journal Times and all over the internet.

Dave Koven September 25, 2012 at 07:30 PM
Brian Dey...The answer is to get professional school boards. They have to know what they are doing because they hire and fire the educational leadership of the district. They also decide what the curriculum is going to be and how they want it taught. People who have full- time non- educational jobs and donate a few hours of their time to run the schools is not a good idea. Just because you run a business or are the local lawyer, doesn't mean you know what is needed in education. They know what they want, but not necessarily what is educationally possible. We need people who are knowledgeable about the cutting edge of educational research. We need people experienced in education, and can look beyond local politics to what kids actually need. Retired teachers would be perfect. School board members usually only receive a token salary any way, so no big cost there, but the community would get the full benefit of their teacher's degrees and experience. They could bring about the necessary changes and not have to fear for their livelihood. Since they are retired, I'm sure they would be very tight with a tax dollar and would appreciate being useful. However, people have to get realistic and realize that what is needed is what is needed, no matter how much we wish it wasn't.
Brian Dey September 25, 2012 at 08:02 PM
Dave Koven- That is so not the answer. It is public funds and needs to remain the citizens elected board. Right now, there are two retired teachers on the board and someone who was a national leader in Montessori education. Under the RUSD, they rely on the Superintendent, who is the educational expert. It is the board's role for holding accountable the experts, i.e. Superintendent, Chief Financial Officer. If you think it is something else, you oblviously haven't followed the board for the past 6 years. They don't need to know the latest craze in education; they need to monitor the results of those that they put in charge, and hold them accountable. What is needed is better monitoring by the boards, and actually acknowledging problems exist and to challenge the professionals on why they are not working. And ultimately, if they don't improve, holding them accountable. In turn, the Supt. and CFO need to hold those that work for them accountable for their results. Believe it or not, it doesn't take a degree in education or anything else to use common sense and analyze data.
Dave Koven September 25, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Brian Day...Then, why aren't things better in education than they are now? "Common sense ain't so common." The board still has to know what the "cutting edge" of educational developments are. The uninformed can hold the informed hostage just because they have the power. Superintendents come and go. They last, on average, about 4-6 years before they have"offended" enough to make it political to move on with their old ideas. I'm sure there's enough retired teachers in many districts that live where they taught. Their decisions would take into account the specific needs of the community that they too are a part of.
Brian Dey September 25, 2012 at 09:33 PM
Dave Kovan- Who knows the community needs better than their peers. They are the community. Stacking the deck with leaders who need to make unbias decisions has failed our district. And the community, who is always squacking, keep re-electing them. And as far as I know and have seen, the cutting edge keeps leading to more and more failure. If you want real reform, stop passing kids that are not reading to move to the next grade. Social promotion in RUSD has been going on for years, with everyone's blessing. It hasn't worked and never will work. Education isn't a laboratory for cutting edge. Speaking with many educators, they say that there are only so many ways to teach a child, but it all gts back to the basics. We have so many course offerings, yet we have a high percentage that can't read, write or do math to grade level. It is common sense. A common sense that sometimes gets lost in the world of academia.
Chip Keister October 13, 2012 at 04:01 AM
Any teachers who are young enough should QUIT, and join the armed forces. That is where the FUTURE is in this country. Any who are NOT young enough should QUIT and become venture capitalists. That is the way to go, really. Then, when all the pubic, oops, I mean public school teachers quit, we can privatize the entire education system. That will, of course, yield better results.


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