19-Year-Old Uses False Nicolet Papers to Fake Community Service Hours

A sharp-eyed clerk at the Fox Point Police Department caught the false name, wrong Nicolet logo and incorrect fax and phone number on the falsified document.

A 19-year-old thought he could scam a Fox Point judge into believing all his community service hours were in — but he didn't account for the sharp eye of a clerk who would notice the thief's misprints on the form. 

According to the report:

The Fox Point teen was supposed to serve community service after previous run-ins with police. But when he turned in his paperwork that showed he completed his community service hours, a municipal clerk caught the fraudulent teacher name, incorrect logo, telephone and fax number, confirming its lack of authenticity. 

An officer visited and spoke with an assistant principal who confirmed that the name, logo and contact numbers were fraudulent and the teen was ordered back to the police station. 

As soon as he arrived, he was asked if he knew why he was there. Immediately, he replied, "The forged letter." He said he had completed three or four hours of community service but because he couldn't find a "steady gig," and his due date for the completion of his community service quickly approaching, he "panicked" and decided to forge a document. He said he didn't want to use the school's real telephone number because he wanted to distance himself from the actual school. 

He was cited for unauthorized use of an entity’s identifying information and ordered into the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office.

The ADA and Fox Point judge agreed the teen would be entered into a written felony diversion agreement, meaning he can avoid going to jail if he completes 150 valid hours of community service.  


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