$20 Drug Deal Gets Suspect Arrested for Stolen Car

Even with missing radio and climate controls, man "rents" stolen car for $20. Bayside and Glendale police caught up with the suspect near West Hampton Road on I-43.

Using the departments new License Plate Reader, a Bayside police officer discovered a stolen car heading southbound on Interstate 43 at 2:05 p.m. Friday. 

Glendale and Bayside police worked together to stop the driver near the West Hampton Avenue exit of I-43. 

Police blocked southbound traffic in all three lanes of the freeway the police report said. With their M15 rifles out, one officer ordered the driver out of the car, handcuffed and searched him. There was no one else inside the car according to the report.

Police put the man in the back of the squad to take him back to the station and told the man the car he was driving was reported stolen and he was under arrest for operating without owner’s consent. He said he got the car from somebody in a drug deal for $20. 

In the jail interview room he told police he saw a person he knows only as “Tyson” sitting in the car. “Tyson” asked him if he had any drugs to sell him. He said no. “Tyson” was looking to rent out his car for a couple of hours and the suspect told “Tyson” that he only had $20 according to the report. “Tyson” said the suspect could have the car for three hours for $20. He said he noticed the radio and climate controls were missing and he found it suspicious, but he ddin’t ask “Tyson” about it. 

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The report said he told police he drove the car around for awhile and got lost, somehow ending up on the freeway. He said he didn’t know the car was stolen and has talked to “Tyson” before and seen him in many different cars. When asked further about the drugs, he said he doesn’t use or sell any.

When police later searched the car they found a red, Velcro wallet with an ID and WI Quest Card with someone else's name on it. Police also found a black canvas bag with two car radios inside.

At 10 p.m. Saturday, the cars owner came to pick it up. He said the only new damage was the missing stereo.

Police records show the same man is facing multiple charges for retail theft and felony posession of firearms.

The case was sent on to the Milwaukee District Attorney’s office however, the ADA determined there wasn’t enough evidence to charge the suspect and we was released. 


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