20-Year-Old Mequon Man Nearly Dies from Heroin Overdose in McDonald's Parking Lot

His friend noticed he passed out in the car and stopped at McDonald's for help.

and arrived at , 8739 N. Port Washington Rd. for a report of a man not breathing in the parking lot just before 7 a.m. on March 12.

According to the report:

The driver, a 25-year-old Milwaukee man, told police he had picked up his friend in Mequon and while driving to Milwaukee, he passed out so he pulled over to get help.

While the loaded the man into the ambulance, a Fox Point officer noticed a syringe on the ground directly under the back bumper of the car. The man who had been driving told police after he pulled over, he began CPR on his friend. He admitted he had emptied his friend's pockets because he didn’t want him to be arrested on top of the medical problems, so he threw whatever was in his pockets outside of the car. Officers found several tin caps and a tourniquet on the grass in front of his car.

The man who'd been driving said he’d been clean for six months. Fire department officials said after they treated the man with Narcan, a medicine used to treat opiate overdoses, he woke up. He was then taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Ozaukee County.

From a nearby pole camera and the squad camera, police confirmed the driver removed a syringe from his pocket and throw it under the car. The syringe was tested and came back positive for opiates.

Officers followed up with the Mequon man at the hospital where he admitted to using the syringe before being picked up by his friend. He also admitted that the syringe had heroin in it which he said he purchased from “Big” who deals heroin on Good Hope Road.

The driver was cited by Fox Point police for interference/obstructing a firefighter/police officer and the passenger was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.


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