21-Year-Old Indiana Woman Busted for OWI During Friend's 21st Birthday Celebration

She took a girlfriend out for her 21st birthday but had a bit more to drink than police thought she should have.

A 21-year-old woman from Knox, IN was arrested for drunk driving early Friday morning after taking a girlfriend out for her 21st birthday. 

According to the report: 

were running traffic just before 2:30 a.m. Friday in the turn-around in the 9200 block of northbound Interstate 43 when the radar gun showed a car flying by at 71 mph while still in the 55 mph zone.

After pulling the car over, police spoke to the woman and could smell alcohol inside the car as well as on her breath. When asked if she or the passenger had been drinking, they admitted they had. The driver said she was taking out the passenger for her 21st birthday. When asked how much she'd had to drink, the driver said she had three beers as well as a few shots, but stopped drinking around 9 p.m.

After performing poorly on the field sobriety tests, she completed a preliminary breath test, which showed a blood alcohol content of 0.091. 

She was arrested and cited for OWI and prohibited BAC. 


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