60-Year-Old Getting High When Busted for OWI

This is the third pot-possession bust this week in Bayside. This man said he had only lit up minutes before the officer pulled him over.

A 60-year-old Bayside man was arrested for Operating While Under the Influence after he was busted for smoking marijuana while driving. 

At 10:24 p.m. on Sunday, Bayside police were watching traffic near Brown Deer and Port Washington Roads when they noticed a car with a burned out headlight. Police pulled over the car and when they spoke with the driver, they noticed a strong smell of marijuana coming from inside his car. He admitted he had been smoking. He volunteered a small, orange medicine bottle filled with a green leafy substance that later tested positive for marijuana, as well as a pipe. He said he had just began smoking only a couple of minutes before he was pulled over.

Officers asked him to step out of the car and perform field sobriety tests. After performing poorly on the field tests, he was arrested for OWI. He was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital for a blood draw and cited for OWI and possession of a controlled substance. 

But this isn't the first pot bust in Bayside this week. 

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Justin September 21, 2012 at 04:43 PM
@Sarah Worthman Any write up planned for the large scale DEA style drug bust that occurred in front of Best Buy at River Point? Fully automatic weapons drawn, swarms of blacked out SUVs, and some stupid kid getting pulled from his car. All in broad daylight
Sarah Worthman September 21, 2012 at 10:27 PM
I hadn't heard about this yet, Justin. Thanks for the tip - I'll contact the police department and let you know what I find out.


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