78-Year-Old Drunk Driver Kicks at Hospital Security Guard

After a hit-and-run accident and drunk driving arrest, a Mequon man got feisty with police and hospital security guards during a blood draw last week.

Even after a hit-and-run accident and a drunk driving arrest, a 78-year-old Mequon man still had enough fight left in him to swing and kick at police officers and security guards during a blood draw at St. Mary's Hospital last week.

Glendale and Fox Point police were dispatched to the area of Green Tree Road and Port Washington for a hit-and-run accident at 5:25 p.m. Jan. 14. The driver of the struck vehicle told police they may have a minor injury.

Soon after hearing the dispatch report, Bayside police spotted a vehicle matching the same description on Port Washington Road near Sendik's. The Bayside officer witnessed the red Cadillac veer into the bike lane and cross the double yellow lines.

When he was pulled over, the driver told police he was coming from the south side of Milwaukee but later said he was coming from 76th and Burleigh.

After smelling alcohol and other tell-tale signs of a drunk driver, the Bayside officer asked the man to recite the alphabet, but he could not get past the letter 'Q'. The man nearly fell over during another field sobriety test, and the officer eventually took the man into custody.

Police took the man to St. Mary's Hospital in Mequon for a blood draw, but the man refused to take the test because is afraid of needles. Police officers and security guards held him down while a medical technician drew the blood. The man tried to swing at police officers and attempted to kick a security guard during the blood draw.

The man was cited for drunken driving and unsafe lane deviation.


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