$8,000 Bronze Sculpture Stolen From Fox Point Yard

A thief made off with the nearly 100-pound statue from a Fox Point front yard and didn't leave behind a single footprint or wheel track.

A Fox Point homeowner was left scratching their head after a thief made off with a nearly 100 pound, bronze statue without leaving behind a single footprint or wheel track. 

According to the report:

The homeowner told Fox Point policea bronze sculpture of three flying mallards in some reeds was stolen from their front yard. 

The sculpture had been placed directly into the ground in a raised flower bed in the front yard. Police noticed a hole in the ground where the statute had been, but there were no footprints or wheel tracks in the flower bed or the front yard. 

The sculpture weighed 75 to 100 pounds and the artist who designed the sculpture said if the item was sold today, it would go for $8,000.

He said bronze is currently being purchased for scrap metal at approximately $4 to $5 per pound. Police have no suspects at this time. 


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