98-Year-Old Fox Point Man Victim of 'Old Neighbor' Scam

Two men entered his home pretending to be "old neighbors" from down the street. They proceeded to go through his entire house looking for valuables.

A 98-year-old Fox Point man came to the police station to report suspicious activity, but after hearing his story, police decided it was more that just suspicious.

According to the report:

On March 5, about 2 or 3 p.m., a man rang the side doorbell of the victim's home and said he was an "old neighbor" from down the street. Although the victim did not remember the man, he invited him in his home. They went to the living room where they spoke for about 10 minutes.

The suspect then began commenting on the nice woodwork and proceeded to open every drawer and cupboard in the front room, talking about the quality of the work. According to his statement to police, the victim now realizes that the suspect was searching the room for valuables, but at the time, he wasn't sure. 

After about 10 to 15 minutes, he started walking the suspect toward the door to leave when a second man appeared in the kitchen. He talked with the second man in the breakfast nook while the first man said he went to use the bathroom. After about five minutes, both men left the house.

When they left, the victim noticed his upstairs bedroom door was shut and things were out of place in the closet. The man told police the only thing missing was $30 cash that was on top of his dresser in the closet.

"Strangers should not be allowed into homes and if a resident or relative are suspicious, they should call the police immediately," said Fox Point Police Chief Tom Czaja.

At this time, police have no suspects.


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