Two More Cases of Fraud in Fox Point

Stolen credit card for Apple products and thousands of dollars cashed in Florida.

In just four days, received two reports from residents of fraud which included a stolen credit card and thousands cashed from stolen checks in Florida.

The first call came in just before 3 p.m. on Feb. 10. According to the report, someone had tried to purchase a $1,000 gift card from American Express and items from an Apple store with the Fox Point man's credit card. He told the credit card company he did not make the purchases and cancelled the account. However, it's unknown where the purchases were attempted to be made from.

Just a few days later, on Valentine's Day, another call came into police when a woman who runs a marketing business from her home told police that someone had cashed two checks with her business’ name on them.

One check was for $1,921 with an invoice number listed in the memo line, the other was for $1,842, also with an invoice number listed on the memo line. Both checks were made out to the same person, but no one that she recognized. According to the victim’s bank, the checks were both deposited via an ATM machine in Plantation, FL.


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