Bayside Police Arrest Drunk and Urinating Milwaukee Man for OWI

A Milwaukee man was arrested Saturday night for drunk driving in Bayside.

A 34-year-old Milwaukee man was arrested by at 2:58 a.m. Sunday after continually swerving his Cadillac near W. County Line Road and N. Port Washington Road.

According to the police report:

As the man was driving Saturday night, he nearly struck the curb several times and straddled the yellow lane, moving into the center of the roadway on Port Washington Road. An officer noticed the man's odd driving and pulled him over, discovering the plates and registration on the vehicle were suspended because he had an unpaid citation.

Althought the driver opened his window just one inch, the officer said he could smell alcohol from inside the car. The driver said he had not been drinking, but he could not accurately recite the alphabet past the letter G, stopping and mixing up letters while his speech was slurred.

He lost balance several times in his field sobriety tests, and when officers told him to spread his feet to search him for weapons, he urinated. He urinated again at the police station between giving breath samples to test his blood-alcohol content, which was 0.22.

Despite the mess, the report gives him credit for being cooperative during the whole process.


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