Bike Stolen from Fox Point May Have Wound Up in Bayside

A yellow, men's road bike was stolen from a Fox Point yard and a bike with the same description was found just hours later in Bayside.

A yellow, men's road bike was stolen from the 8000 block of North Whitney Road in Fox Point on June 29. The 20-year-old owner reported it missing to and said it was sitting outside next to the house the night before, but at 10 a.m. that morning, noticed it was gone. The owner estimated the bike's value at $50.

Just hours later, a Bayside police were patrolling along Lake Drive and an officer noticed someone on a bicycle leave the road and go into a driveway in the 9500 block of North Lake Drive.

The officer continued down the driveway and found the bike, a yellow, men's, Crystal Mark IV, lying near the beginning of the driveway - the same make and model of the bike stolen in Fox Point. He contacted the homeowner, and she confirmed that the bicycle did not belong to her family.

Police could not confirm if this is exactly the same bike because the serial number was worn off.


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