Cash Stolen From Lubavitch Preschool

Two thefts totaled $33 in cash stolen from the preschool's office.

A local preschool on the Fox Point and Whitefish Bay border fell victim to some petty theft, even though the stolen cash was kept locked in the office. 

Just before 10 a.m. on Oct. 16, a staff member at Lubavitch stopped into the Fox Point Police Department to report the theft. 

She told police that two thefts had occurred, the first on Oct. 9 and the second on Oct. 10, both from the same location – the secretary's desk in the preschools office the police report said. 

In both thefts, small amounts of money were taken from a yellow envelope that was left in a filer on top of the desk. In the first, $25 was stolen. In the second, an additional $8 was taken, for a total of $33 the report said. She said the doors to the office are kept locked during the night so someone would need a key to get in.

Police are still investigating. 


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