Citations Dismissed Against Man Ticketed for Time Share Ordinance Violations

Five of 11 citations issued over a 2-year period against William Andrew Kops related to his Fox Point property have been dropped.

A Fox Point man has had five citations claiming violation of Fox Point’s time-share ordinance dismissed.

The ordinance, enacted in 2011, requires all time-share properties to meet state statutes and to be part of the village's Planned Development Overlay zoning.

William Andrew Kops received at least 11 municipal citations related to rental of his property at 721 E. Daisy Ln. over a 2-year period, but saw the most recent five of them dismissed, according to Fox Point's court clerk office. 

Kops had hearings over the citations moved to Glendale, and there a municipal judge dismissed the tickets. 

“We homeowners have property rights, and those property rights have to include the right to rent out one's property,” Kops told Patch. “A time-share ordinance is not relevant to renting out property.”

Kops said he is actively contesting the other six citations he received from Fox Point police claiming time-share ordinance violations.

“We are happy with this decision on the part of Fox Point, because it clarifies and openly allows villagers to bring in guests,” he said.

Kops said he will continue to rent out the property.


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