Crime Corner: Fender Bender, Gas Drive Off and Another OWI

Reports from Fox Point and Bayside police departments.

A 28-year-old Illinois man was arrested after having a few drinks at and turning into the oncoming lane of traffic Sunday.

He was traveling down East Bradley Road in front of an officer 2:07 a.m. Sunday when he drifted into the oncoming lane of traffic. The car stopped, and turned onto North Santa Monica Boulevard, turning into the oncoming traffic lane again when the officer activated his lights and pulled the car over.

While speaking with the driver, the officer could smell alcohol, and his eyes were bloodshot and glossy the report said. He said he'd had two glasses of wine at , 600 W. Brown Deer Road, prior to driving. Said he started drinking at 10:30 p.m. and had his last one at 1:45 a.m.

He was arrested for operating while under the influence with a blood alcohol content of 0.12. He was cited for operating while under the influence, prohibited alcohol concentration, and driving the wrong way on a divided highway.

Also from the Fox Point and Departments:

  • After attempting to escape with $50.35 of unpaid gas from , a man was caught by Fox Point police who, according to the report, noticed the man leaving the station at "a high rate of speed," without a license plate and with a defective taillight. He was arrested near Port Washington Road and Luebbe Lane. 
  • A 57-year-old Milwaukee woman was cited for improper turn after she attempted to turn off of North Port Washington Road onto County Line Road from the outside, right lane. When she tried to make this turn, she hit a 48-year-old Shorewood man who was also attempting to turn left.


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