Crime Corner: Underage Drinking Snoozer, Deer Accident and More

Reports from the Fox Point and Bayside police departments.

Snoozing in the River Point Shopping Center usually would not be a huge problem, but at 2:21 a.m. it can look a bit suspicious to police.

Fox Point police noticed an occupied vehicle in the parking lot at the River Point Shopping Center early Wednesday morning. In the report, officers noted that the lights were on inside the car, then off a few minutes later. The officer said the driver appeared to be sleeping, however due to recent and the fact that there are no open businesses at the shopping center at 2 a.m., the officers decided to check it out.

As the officers walked up, they noticed the dashboard lights were on. Officers awoke the snoozing driver and had her open the window. She had to fumble with the controls to open the window and only opened it about half way according to the report. She immediately told police, with glassy eyes and slurred speech, that she wasn't driving. When he asked what she was doing there, she said she was waiting for a friend to come from UWM. When asked where she was coming from, she said "UWM."

The 19-year-old Port Washington woman then admitted to drinking. However, she had consumed so much, it took her several attempts to provide a sufficient sample for the preliminary breath test, which showed a blood alcohol content of 0.179. She was arrested and cited for underage alcohol consumption, a ticket worth $366.

Also from the and Departments:

  • Fall is quickly approaching and that means deer are on the move. Bayside police responded to a deer that was hit in the 8700 block of North Lake Dr. at 8:07 a.m. Saturday.

  • As Fox Point police ran the plate of a driver Wednesday at 10:48 a.m., they discovered the registration was expired and the registered owner had an outstanding warrant through Shorewood Police for $151. She was arrested and cited for suspended registration and false evidence of registration for having a false 2012 sticker on her license plate. She was then released after she paid her bond. 

  • A Fox Point man in the 6400 block of North Santa Monica Blvd. contacted police Aug. 29 when he noticed that his lamppost, which is halfway up and two feet from the edge of his driveway, was damaged. 

    In their report, officers noted the post to have a large crease in the metal, near its base, as well as a large paint chip with what seemed to be a rubber scuff mark on the bare metal. The cover for the light bulb was completely knocked off and missing and the bulb was broken. Pieces of glass were approximately 10 feet from the post. The resident estimates the damage to be $1,000. 


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