Crime Corner: Woman Cited for OWI After Trying to Park in Two Different Driveways

A woman makes off with an 'armload' of items at CVS.

The following are summaries of reports from the Fox Point and Bayside police departments:

Theft: A woman decided she could simply walk out of CVS Pharmacy with an armload of items around 10 a.m. on Nov. 16.

When Fox Point police arrived, the manager told them a woman had taken a bottle of Viva La Juicy Parfum Spray, valued at $9.99, and left the store setting off the theft alarm. Little did the manager and clerk know, she was taking much more than just the spray.

When the alarm went off, the clerk said she looked up and saw the “armload” of items that were leaving the store.

Surveillance footage shows two women had come into the store and simply left about 10 minutes before the incident, "as if casing the store for the theft," the manager told officers. The video showed the offender in the liquor aisle. She had a CVS basket and placed two bottles of Jose Cuervo ($23.99 each) and seven bottles of Ciroc ($34.99) into it. She left the store with the basket and all of its contents. The manager estimates the total theft is at least $302.90.

Drunk Driving: Fox Point police arrested a 34-year-old Milwaukee woman for OWI after she tried to park her car in two driveways that weren't hers.

Around 3 a.m. on Nov. 12, officers patrolling noticed a car that was speeding and crossing over the center line. The car continued looking suspicious as it did not make complete stops at four different intersections and pulled into two driveways, stopped, then backed out according to police.

Officers pulled the driver over in the 1700 block of East Fox Lane and immediately noticed the smell of alcohol when they approached the car. When asked if she’d been drinking, the woman said, “I had one beer.” During the walk and turn test, the woman raised her arms for balance and after the first nine steps, asked the officer how to turn around.

She was arrested for operating while intoxicated. In the car, officers found an empty 12-ounce aluminum bottle of Budweiser beer under the drivers seat and a partially full one under the passenger seat. She was cited for operating a motor vehicle while impaired and prohibited alcohol concentration.


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