Drunk Driver Asks Cop to Turn Off The Recorder

Twelve-year Fox Point resident lost in village because of too many "U" streets.

One woman's attempt to appeal to an officer's charitable side didn't work out real well.

On June 12, just before 1 a.m., a officer noticed a vehicle entering the intersection at North Santa Monica Boulevard and Green Tree Road, its blinker signaling a left turn. But just partially into the turn, the 45-year-old Fox Point woman changed her mind and abruptly turned back onto Green Tree Road, continuing east.

The report says that the officer followed her as she approached a dead end, and watched as she came to a complete stop, then backing up into a brick and mortar wall.

After striking the wall, the vehicle stopped and began to travel forward then reverse, conducting a Y-turn. Fox Point police then pulled the driver over.

As the officer approached her vehicle, he noticed several areas on the rear bumper that had scratches and paint lost. According to the report, during the initial conversation the officer noticed the driver's slurred speech and glassy eyes.

The driver told the officer she has been a Fox Point resident for 12 years, and the streets were hard to navigate because “they're all U-shaped.” She explained that she was lost and attempting to locate her residence in the 100 block of East Willow Road. She also said she was aware of striking the wall.

She said she had just left TJ Aliota’s, a restaurant in Glendale. The officer asked her to take a look at the damage on the bumper with the officer and with him, and she said the scratches and paint loss was from previous damage. 

The officer then asked her to get back into her car, and she did, but she didn't stay there long. After he went back to his squad, she exited her vehicle and approached the driver’s side window of the officer's car smoking a cigarette.

“Can I be honest with you? Is anybody listening?” she asked. He advised her she could be honest, but the traffic stop was being recorded. Then she asked if he could turn off the camera, he explained that he could not.

“I just wanna go home, I am a nice person," she said according to the report. "I am a Christian. One time in your career, can you cut me a break?” The officer sent her back to her vehicle.

She told the officer she had one cocktail, but it tasted bad so she gave it to a girlfriend, ordered another, and finished it 45 minutes prior to the traffic stop.

She completed a preliminary breath test, recording a 0.188 blood alcohol concentration.

Fox Point Police arrested her for her second offense operating while under the influence and for prohibited alcohol concentration. She was taken to St. Mary’s Hospital for a blood draw.


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