Illinois Woman Tries to Make Drunken Pit Stop at Ogden Center

She admitted to police she stopped to relieve herself but officers could already smell the alcohol on her breath.

An Illinois woman thought she could make a quick pit-stop to relieve herself outside of Sendiks, but she wasn't quick enough to avoid suspicion from police.

According to the report:

were watching traffic from the US Bank parking lot just before 3 a.m. on May 23, when a car turned into the Ogden Center, near , parked, and a woman ran out quickly into the alleyway. Officers went over to investigate and spoke with a 24-year-old woman from Inglside, IL. When asked why she ran from her car into the alley, she said because she had to “pee.”

She repeated multiple times that she was the driver and said she drove because she believed the passenger was too drunk. Officers could smell alcohol on her breath and they conducted field sobriety tests.

She was unable to complete the field sobriety tests successfully and declined the preliminary breath test. Officers began to arrest her for OWI when she changed her mind, and said she wanted to complete the PBT “just to see” what the results would be. She blew 0.19.

Officers searched the vehicle and found two plastic baggies filled with a green leafy substance that did test positive for marijuana. She was cited for prohibited alcohol concentration and operating while intoxicated, but neither the driver or passenger was cited for possession of THC because officers could not confirm ownership.


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