Extra Cheese and a Side of Weed

Glendale man tells officers he gets his stash from the east side.

At 11:17 p.m. Saturday, and River Hills police received a call of an erratic driver. A short time later, they found the vehicle, with a matching description and plates, parked outside of a home in the 800 block of East Brown Deer Road.

Two people were walking away from the car when officers pulled up; the driver was an 18-year-old Glendale man.

Because the complaint was for an erratic driver, officers asked the man if he'd been drinking. The man said no, but when the driver opened the door to his car, officers could smell what really could have caused the erratic driving — marijuana.

When asked if he’d been smoking, he said he had earlier and immediately produced a baggy that held a green leafy substance that, according to the police report, smelled like marijuana. He was arrested for possession and police did a search of the vehicle, finding more marijuana in a canning jar inside a small knapsack in the back seat.

An electronic scale was also in the knapsack, and two pipes were found in the center console of the vehicle, the other on the passenger floor. A “grinder” was also found in the center console.

He was not arrested for operating while under the influence, but admitted all items seized in the search belonged to him. He said the scale was for personal use, to make sure he received the correct amount when he bought the marijuana.

When asked if he sold drugs, he said he used to, but not anymore because it was stupid, the report said. He told the officers that when he did sell, he did so by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He said he bought the pot from a white male with brown hair named Sam at a restaurant on the east side.

He was cited for possession of a controlled substance and for drug paraphernalia.


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