Fire Destroys Deck at White Oaks Apartments

The North Shore Fire Department and Bayside Police are still investigating the cause of a fire that destroyed a deck and forced firefighters to tear down a wall at White Oaks Apartments on Sunday.

A heavy smoke smell billowed out from underneath the overhang at the 9100 building at Sunday, and law enforcement are still working to determine what started the fire. 

A White Oaks resident of another unit called 911 to report a fire around 4 p.m. Sunday. She said she was in the parking structure beneath the building and noticed thick smoke throughout the entire garage, but no flames. When arrived, an officer approached the front door and said in his report that he could smell burning wood in the air under the front canopy, but no alarms were sounding. 

Two police officers were extinguishing a small fire contained to an apartment patio with a balcony near apartments 112 and 113. He couldn’t see any flames, but did notice hot embers and could hear wood cracking from fire. 

The was on scene and with thermal imaging detectors, discovered hot spots in the walls. Firefighters removed a section of the drywall in both apartments. There was no fire damage found in either apartment, however, there was heavy smoke damage. 

Police and the fire department are still investigating. 


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