Police Investigating Laptop Thefts at Best Buy

Two women took them into the bathroom and walked out without any merchandise. Surveillance footage shows one woman put her shoulder bag in the trunk of her car when she left. In total, Best Buy is facing a loss of nearly $1,700.

was the target of another theft this week when two women made off with three laptops, a total loss of nearly $1,700. This incident exactly two weeks after a 22-year-old Mequon man thought he could

According to the report:

A loss prevention employee told around 1 p.m., three laptops were stolen from the store on Aug. 20. Two, Toshiba Satellite laptops valued at $399.99 each and one, Samsung laptop, valued at $849.99

The surveillance footage shows a car pull up with two women, one looking to be in her thirties, the other in her forties, get out of the car and enter the store. They both went straight to the back of the store where the computers are displayed.

Both women went into the restroom at 12:53 p.m. One of the women visibly carried a laptop computer in its packaging into the restroom. A minute later, the same woman leaves the restroom without the computer and returns to the restroom with a second computer in its packaging. She leaves the bathroom, then again at 1 p.m., the same woman goes back into the bathroom without any merchandise and at 1:06 p.m., she leaves the restroom, no merchandise present in her hands or arms at the time. 

The other woman takes another computer from the shelf, goes into the bathroom, leaving a few minutes later without a computer visibly displayed. They both left the shopping center at 1:21 p.m. and one is seen putting her shoulder bag into the trunk of the car.

Police are still investigating. 


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