Greendale Task Force Begins Work on Anti-Bullying

The Climate and Culture Task Force in the Greendale School District will examine issues and challenges related to harassment as a proactive step to ensure that students feel safe in the schools.


The Greendale School District’s newly formed Climate and Culture Task Force begins its work of examining issues and challenges related to harassment in November.

The task force will include parents, students, teachers and staff.

“The creation of the Task Force is our proactive step to ensure that every student feels safe in our schools, and that each has the opportunity to reach his or her full academic, social and emotional potential.”

Greendale High School made the news in September when a 17-year-old male student wrote a fake bomb threat in a bathroom because he told police he wanted to disrupt the homecoming activities. Police reports indicated that the teen experienced prolonged bullying by his peers, including nominating him for homecoming court as a prank. 

The Greendale School District aims to provide its students and staff with a positive educational experience at all times, free from harassment or intimidation, according to a release.

 The Climate and Culture Task Force Task Force is charged with assessing and understanding the current situation, and within that context, proposing solutions to issues and challenges related to harassment. Additionally, the Task Force will examine and evaluate the programs and procedures currently in place in each of the Greendale Schools and make recommendations for improvements.

“Our goal with the Task Force is to clearly understand any issues in the Greendale community so that we can take steps to ensure every child feels a strong sense of belonging in our schools,” added Tharp. “By talking as acommunity, by seeking input and feedback from our parents and students, and by evaluating our current procedures for dealing with acts of harassment or intimidation, we can accomplish this goal.”

 For more information, please contact Superintendent Dr. John Tharp at (414) 423-2700.

Vigilante November 01, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Unreal how silly this sounds. When a child can sit on a bus coming home from their basketball game and when she is picked up and she is crying. The parent asks" hey whats with the tear in your eye."And she tells you kids on the bus where making fun of you, 1) you feel like crap because it was your child. 2) You ask well what did the teacher say to any of them. And she tells you this skinny middle school basketball so called "Coach" heard it and didn't do a F ing thing about it! So you e- mail and call this dork and he still doesn't even have the gonads to call you back to discuss the situation...... Is there any reason why we have kids with problems from bullying when teachers who get paid quit a bit of money don't stop it when its doen right infront of there lazy @$@ face!
our rights November 01, 2012 at 02:24 PM
How nice, well after the fact they decide to put something in place to study the bully problem and take a look at how they can change the prom & homecoming vote. Very idiosyncratic when some teachers, counselors, even the principal and superintendent won’t even acknowledge there is a bully problem and has been for a long time. The superintendent does not even return phone calls to parents of victims. Sounds like the problem comes from the top, lead by example. How sad.
Anthony November 01, 2012 at 06:43 PM
I tried to speak to a board member about this issue several times. He avoided me at a football game, at Pick and Save and didn't return my phone calls. I think our rights is right, the problem comes from the top. Who are the people serving on this district committee so we can contact them?
FL Born November 04, 2012 at 08:30 PM
I believe the Teachers have enough to do without having to counsel bullies and victims. The Counselors actually are responsible for handling these issues and I feel that not all of them are qualified. But first and foremost this growing problem has got to start at home! We are a society of blaming eveyone else instead of being responsible for our own!
Gene November 12, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Dont realy see alot of "blaming" here but more holding people accountable for what they are paid to do. But I do agree on the being rsponsible for your own. PARENTS get your punk ass bullying little bastards under control !!!!!


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