Raw Video: Hit-and-Run Drunken Driver Flees Scene on Vehicle Roof

After striking another vehicle on I-43, man latches onto the luggage rack of a van passing by.

Bayside, River Hills and the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Department worked together Sunday night to bring in a drunken driver.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office: This 24-year-old Milwaukee man struck one vehicle in the rear on I-43, near Bradley Road, at 1:30 a.m., forcing it to spin out into the median and face oncoming traffic. The man then abandoned his vehicle and fled the scene on foot, heading north still on I-43.

Another vehicle was traveling north and slowed to avoid striking the man as he stumbled along the highway. He then grabbed the passenger side of the vehicle and tried to get inside. As the driver sped up, attempting to get away, he jumped onto the roof, clinging to the luggage rack. He kicked and punched the sunroof trying to get inside, but was unsuccessful. While traveling at full freeway speed, he was able to break a small triangle window by the rear passenger door.

River Hills police were first on the scene and apprehended the man at gunpoint near Mequon Road.

He was arrested and the Milwaukee County Sherrif's Office is seeking charges for reckless driving, hit and run, operating while under the influence, criminal damage to property and recklessly endangering safety. 


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