Knock and Talks: Sheriff's Office Keeping Kids Safe for Trick-or-Treat

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office will be patrolling for sex offenders not following the rules.

According to a press release from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office:

The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office, Wisconsin Department of Corrections Probation and Parole, US Marshals Service and police departments in Milwaukee, West Allis, and West Milwaukee have partnered to ensure the safety of children as they go door to door through neighborhoods in Milwaukee County collecting Halloween treats.

On Oct. 30, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., combined law enforcement teams will conduct “Knock and Talks” at residences of known sex offenders and serve warrants on sex offenders who have not registered with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.  

During the “Knock and Talks,” officers will enforce and confirm that sexual predators are in compliance with the Halloween guidelines set forth by the DOC. 

The Halloween rules for sex offenders are as follows:

  • During any trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, the sex offender will remain in their residence one hour prior to and one hour following Halloween activities.
  • The home/apartment may not be decorated for Halloween – this includes both the inside and outside of the residence.
  • The home/apartment must not have a lighted porch (or any indication that the residence is participating in Halloween activities.)
  • No distribution of candy at place of residence.
  • No possession of any costume or pieces of costume used for Halloween.
  • No participation in any activity related to Halloween and/or trick or treat activities; this includes visiting haunted house sites.

Last year, deputies knocked on 162 doors of registered sex offenders. Twelve sex offenders were arrested for violation of their probation and parole conditions. In addition, six arrest warrants were issued for probation and parole non-compliance for offenders who were not home.

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s detectives have already begun to locate and arrest sex offenders with arrest warrants and for failure to register with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry.  

WIRSOL October 31, 2011 at 03:33 PM
Just remember those on Supervision, unless their Probation/Supervising Agent is accompanying the Law Enforcement folks YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LET THEM IN WITHOUT A WARRANT. They will try to tell you different, threaten incarceration, and/or even take you to jail. Just remember if they do not follow the laws the Law Enforcement folks are then guilty of False Imprisonment which is a chargeable offense here in WI. And if the Law Enforcement office refuses to take your complaint, then take it to the next level, County or state police, if they also refuse take it to the Federal Agents, not the US Marshalls service, but the FBI. Law Enforcement has been overstepping their boundaries for long enough, they need to respect the law they swore to up hold or get out of the Law enforcement business. Do not be intimidated by them, they only can wield power YOU give them.


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