Loomis Truck Slides Across Brown Deer Road

Driver jumped out and the truck wasn't in park.

Have you ever seen an armored truck slowly creep perpendicular through two lanes of traffic? That's what one Loomis truck did March 23.

A Loomis armored truck pulled into the driveway of the ATM machine at U.S. Bank at 2:30 p.m. for the regular pickup.

The driver told that he had gotten out of the vehicle, although he was not supposed to, and must have left the vehicle in “drive” rather than in “park.”

The van began to creep froward and crossed the parking lot. It continued to make its way across both westbound and eastbound Brown Deer Road before coming to rest just over the eastbound side of Brown Deer Road, in the mud.

No one was injured and no vehicles were damaged, but the truck did take out a traffic sign along the way. The truck was towed out from the mud, the sign dislodged and the truck was driven away by the driver.


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