Mail Truck Dents Car of Bayside Teen

Male driver says he never even saw the girl pull out onto the road.

Shortly after pumping gas into her car, a 16-year-old Bayside teen was hit by a mail truck.

Around 1:30 p.m. Aug. 30, the Bayside teen was making a right turn out of the gas station at Regent Road and Brown Deer Road when a 53-year-old Greenfield man driving a U.S. Mail truck swiped her car.

The man was making a left turn from the stop sign at Regent Road onto Brown Deer Road. He told police that he looked both ways before proceeding into the intersection. The report says he "never saw" the other vehicle before impact.

The teen told officers she was already driving on Brown Deer Road before the impact occurred and believed she had the right of way.

There were no injuries and the report cites only minor damage to both vehicles including a scuff mark on the bumper of the mail truck and a dent in the rear passenger door of the Bayside teen's car. cited the man for inattentative driving.


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